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Malwarebytes provides what your antivirus can't: complete confidence. Its powerful technologies detect and remove zero-hour malware engineered to evade standard endpoint security.

Over 300 million downloads worldwide & 5 billion pieces of malware removed

Richard Whittaker, ICT Specialist

The fact that Malwarebytes detects the latest malicious threats…means all our users now have the best possible protection.

Torben Broder, Client Support Engineer

Malwarebytes catches almost all the latest threats that our existing antivirus just cannot.

Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware Features

  • Proactive heuristic scanning engine

    Proprietary blend of heuristic and definitions-based technologies protects against these threats at zero hour,

  • Small system footprint

    It’s not resource intensive to run on the system background.

  • Malicious website blocking

    Detects and blocked any suspicious websites from loading on your browser.

  • Three scan modes

    Scan mode available – normal, safe and limited user mode.

  • Compatible with other endpoint security products

    Work flawlessly with any of your existing installed antivirus softwre without any compatibilities issues.

Configurable Updates and Scans

  • Configurable Automatic Scans for Malware

    Scan your workstation during off peak with scheduled task.

  • Configurable Automatic Database Updates

    Automatic updates of signatures as soon as the signatures is available.

  • Comprehensive Threat Database

    Powered by over 80 million users.

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Benefits of MalwareBytes To Your Business

Maintains end-user productivity by preserving system performance

Because Malwarebytes Small Business Edition is intended to run alongside your existing security solution, it is engineered to be as resource-efficient as possible. The lean heuristic scanning engine and client preserve endpoint performance to maximize end-user productivity. The small system footprint also extends the life of older hardware, reducing your capital expenditures.

Protects against zero-hour malware that your current anti-malware can miss

Malwarebytes proprietary blend of heuristic and definitions-based technologies protects against these threats at zero hour, often before they have been identified by other security products. And if your endpoint security fails to detect malware, Malwarebytes bleeding-edge remediation tool will remove it completely.

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