InterMapper Comprehensive Network Monitoring, Mapping & Alerting

Map and monitor your entire distributed IT environment with InterMapper powerful, user-friendly tool

  • Same Screen Mapping & Monitoring
  • Live, Documented View of Your Network
  • Real-Time, High-Speed Polling & Alerting
  • Varialble Polling Intervals
  • Customizable Notifications
  • Run on Most Platforms (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Fast Download & Install
  • Easy Configuration With Auto-Discovery

Cheap Effective Way to Monitor Your Entire Network with SNMP

Intermapper is a user-friendly tool that helps IT professionals map and monitor their networks in real time. Find and fix performance issues before users are impacted with auto-discovery, Layer 2 mapping, custom alerts, and more.

Free Trial DownloadYou will be up & running within 2 minutes
Freeware DownloadLimited 10 devices with an IP Address, Free forever

Autodiscover Your Network and Create Live Maps

Who has time to manually document all the technology in your network? With a network mapping tool, you'll never waste time creating (or updating) tedious diagrams with Microsoft Excel or Visio.

Intermapper is network mapping software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The tool auto-discovers all of your physical and virtual equipment (anything with an IP address) and places it on a map. Then you personalize the maps to fit your real-life network. Change the layout, customize the icons, change the background images... your options are endless. Next, rely on live animation to draw your attention to trouble spots. With the visibility you need, troubleshooting network issues is suddenly 10x faster.

Monitor Anything with an IP Address

Every network administrator has devices that should be monitored. Traditional hardware like routers, switches, and firewalls. Physical and virtual servers. Endpoints.

Then you have more technology that could be monitored. Smart boards. Security systems. Wireless technology. ATMs.

With Intermapper, you can monitor it all.

Intermapper is a flexible network monitoring application that can monitor your entire distributed network, whether your equipment is physical or virtual. If your device has an IP address, Intermapper can monitor it, regardless of whether it's from Cisco, Apple, Dell, or other vendors. Using powerful probes and common protocols, Intermapper polls your network fast, bringing back real-time data. That data gets displayed in live, color-coded network maps with the current status of all your devices. With an intuitive display and 24/7 monitoring, Intermapper provides the answers you need to make troubleshooting fast and efficient.

Set Alerts to Notify You On Outages or Poor Performance

Prepare for future changes and keep your IT infrastructure healthy. Intermapper is a user-friendly network monitoring and management tool that lets you quickly pinpoint network congestion, analyze trends, and learn about potential issues before they get worse. From physical to virtual equipment, monitor and manage it all with Intermapper.

Monitor Network Traffic & Bandwidth Usage in Real Time

Which machine, application, or user is consuming all the bandwidth? Getting visibility into NetFlow traffic, including top talkers, traffic statistics, and application types, helps you resolve network issues faster.

Intermapper Flows collects and exports NetFlow, Jflow, and sFlow data, then graphs it for easy analysis of traffic flowing across your network. Used with Intermapper, Intermapper Flows makes it easy to dig into suspicious spikes or dips in bandwidth usage.

Monitor Your Network Easily from Anywhere

Remote network monitoring software helps you keep a close eye on your network, no matter where you (or your network) is located. Used alongside an active Intermapper server, Intermapper Remote Access discovers and monitors network technology in real time—whether it spans buildings, cities, or countries.

With Intermapper Remote Access, geographically-scattered IT teams can share network monitoring access. IT consultants and managed service providers can monitor client networks remotely. And telecommuting employees can monitor the network from home, the coffee shop, or wherever they are.

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Price List For InterMapper Network Monitoring

Simple Licensing by Device, No More Per Sensors Price.

You pay for the number of devices you monitor. Want to monitor 30 machines? You'll need 30 licenses, no matter how many components you want to monitor of those 30 machines. Device-based licensing makes it easy to predict and scale licenses as your organization grows.

Many of other network monitoring solution make you purchase a license for every element you plan to monitor. That licensing model causes costs to skyrocket quickly. It also becomes hard to compare the value you're getting from one vendor to another.

People who has used Intermapper says ...

If a router in New York is acting up, I can instantly see the problem, where it is located, the impact it can have on the network, and what we need to do to fix the issue.

Tim Huffman, Director of Engineering Business Only Broadband

Intermapper is my constant companion. To say it has 'saved the day' is an understatement.

Mike Kernen Chief Engineer Greater Media Detroit

It's the only monitoring tool we use. We slice and dice the network in many ways using over 100 maps that monitor thousands of devices and Ethernet switches.

Dennis O Reilly Senior Network Analyst University of British Columbia

The NetFlows collector is the best I’ve seen, and another invaluable tool for troubleshooting performance issues.

Tim Buck Consultant T33 Technologies