Slow Loading, High Bounce Rate On Your Website ?

Super Charge Your Website Speed With MaxCDN

Traditional Website Loading Facts

Speeding up the page load time is always one of the common concerns every website will have especially Google announced speed of website loading affect the website ranking in their search. Common methodology includes reducing the request on the origin server, optimizing your images size, proper arranging of your website content and design (CSS and JS optimization..etc), database optimizing (if your page content is pulled from database). One of the solution for reducing the request served from the origin server is by pushing the contents to be served from CDN such as static content – images, document files, CSS..etc There’s where MaxCDN comes into action.

Website: MaxCDN Make Your Website Load Faster Than Ever

MaxCDN support more systems than any other Content Delivery Network and the setup process is simple including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento, vBulletin..etc

Ads: Same Ad Delivery Performance and Reliability for a Lower Price

Your ads are delivered as quickly as possible — because our network is optimized for advertising. Pricing is a global flat rate from 6¢/GB to 2¢/GB and this year Cedexis rated us a top reliable CDN. Wouldn't you want to know a bit more?

Gaming: You Get the Same Performance and Reliability for a Lower Price

MaxCDN have a network that is optimized for gaming so you can deliver a great experience to your users without the high costs. MaxCDN have been rated one of the most reliable CDN options by Cedexis. MaxCDN global flat rates range from 6¢/GB to 2¢/GB.

  • Reliability

    100% SLA, Low Error Rate with Anycast network with Dyn and DNS Made Easy that minimizes packet loss.

  • Performance

    Nginx SSD based server, 600 peering partners over 90 countries with 10Gbps port, average 39ms response time.

  • Features

    Instant Provisioning, Custom SSL, SSD Based Network, Instant Purge, Powerful REST API.

  • Security

    EdgeSecurity, 2 Factor Authorization, EdgeSSL, Extended API Security.

  • Support

    Engineer Access, Dedicated Account Rep, 24/7 Support

  • Pricing

    One World, One Rate!


MaxCDN offers 3 pricing levels for you to choose from. Standard plans include up to 5TB of bandwidth a month, high volume plans include up to 350TB and our enterprise plans scale into the petabytes. Monthly plans start at just $9 and offer the lowest per GB rates with no contract options.