SmarterTrack 7.x Public Beta

SmarterTrack 6.x is a powerful help desk application built for tracking, managing, and reporting on customer service and communications, including sales and support issues. SmarterTrack 6.x stable version was released to public at Jan 2011 and mark a significant major move and changes including a complete redesign of web interface, support of VOIP and more.

Yesterday, SmarterTools again mark another step forward by introducing SmarterTrack v7 Public Beta. Let’s go through what are the new features introduce on the v7:

New Portal Interface

SmarterTrack 7x New Portal InterfaceSmarterTools totally redesigned the portal to make it easier for your customers to find the self-service resources they need. Plus, Smartertools have added seven different portal skin colors to help you customize your portal and increased the portal width and font sizes to make content easier to read and navigate.

Stay In the Know

SmarterTrack 7.x includes new events for when an agent goes away from the keyboard or when a ticket is overdue. In addition, the events system now includes support for custom fields for event conditions, so you can be notified about virtually anything that occurs in your help desk installation.

Support for iPad, Galaxy, Xoom, Droid X or Galaxy..

Mobile Help Desk SoftwareSmarterTrack 7.x’s new interface improves the user experience when accessing both the portal and management interface from any tablet computer, mobile phone or other mobile device. When coupled with mobile applications like Skype or other VoIP clients, you now have the ability to manage customer service and sales inquiries on your iPad as seamlessly as if you were sitting at your office computer.

Improved Speed and Interface Optimizations

SmarterTrack 7.x is the fastest version of the help desk software created to date! SmarterTools made it easier for installations with thousands of agents to find specific agents and improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 9. In addition, SmarterTools has also optimized session requirements and when used in a clustering environment, these optimizations reduce the overall memory and bandwidth of the database and network traffic.

HTML Support – Finally is Here!

Help Desk HTML TicketsNow agents can choose to see images, styles and fonts in ticket messages as they were originally intended to be viewed. By default, ticket messages will still display in text format, but agents can view the HTML formatted message with the click of a button.

New Rating System for Knowledgebase

Let customers rate their favorite or most useful knowledge base articles with the new ratings system. Then encourage customers to provide feedback on article content with the new knowledge base commenting system. Administrators have full control over comment and rating moderation—or things can be left open to the general public.

Knowledgebase Language Transalation

Auto Translate Language KnowledgebaseIf you serve customers that speak different languages, you can now auto-translate knowledge base articles. Powered by Google Translate, the articles display in the language selected by the portal visitor. Companies that want to use native language translations still have that option too.

Short Cut on iPhones, IPad

Have agents install a shortcut to the management interface to the homescreen on their iPhones or iPads, so they can access their tickets, chats and call logs instantly. Customers can also install a shortcut to your customer service portal on their iOS devices, so self-service resources are never more than a click away.

Download your Free copy of SmarterTrack v7 Beta right now by filling up the following form or purchase SmarterTrack v6 from our website with 10% discount and you will be also entitle for a FREE upgrade to v7 when it’s release to stable version

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