Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate

Extended validation is top of the line. With extended validation, the certifying authority conducts a very in-depth examination of your business before issuing the certificate. This type of SSL provides the highest degree of security and user trust.

Why EV SSL Certificate ?

  • Highest Recognition With Green Address Bar

    Modern browsers give an easily recognizable visual sign to the user when accessing a website secured with an EV certificate which means the site is highly secure. This not only gains trust, but visitors will notice when this visual sign is missing so they will recognize scams more easily. It’s also the highest available SSL level of browser compatibility and encryption.

  • Highest and Detail Validation

    A Domain Validation certificate can be purchased by anyone, for example for a domain name similar to a bank’s web address. The certificate will be valid and the address similar, therefore the user will believe they are on the right website.

    Extended Validation certificates cannot be purchased in the name of another organization and certificate authority will check for scams, giving the highest possible security and increase the difficulty to be obtained by online fraudsters.

  • Recommended Usage

    High Value Online Payment, Reputable New E-commerce Website, Online Financial Website and Banking.

  • Free Website Monitoring

    Complimentary website uptime availability monitoring.

Symantec Secure Site Pro EV @ $1140/yr

Save Up to $719 Symantec Listed Price

The most trusted and secure choice for website security, Symantec's Secure Site Pro with EV certificate attracts more customers to your site and gives them total confidence to complete transactions, while enabling the strongest SSL encryption available to the most site visitors. Green bar assurance, a $1,500,000 warranty and Server Gated Cryptography (SGC).

Symantec Secure Site EV @ $759/yr

Save Up to $271 Symantec Listed Price

Symantec's unique Seal-in-Search feature places the Symantec seal next to your link in search results, so internet users know your website is verified before they even visit you. And the green address bar lets them know they can complete transactions with confidence. Full business validation and all the features. A warranty of $1,500,000 with 256 bit encryption . Trust Symantec.

Comodo EV SSL @ $214/yr

Save Up to $290Comodo Listed Price

Get the green bar! A Comodo EV SSL certificate will increase your sales by showing your customers a visible secure sign, the green browser address bar. The green bar, exclusive to EV SSL certificates, assures your site visitors that they are transacting business on a highly secured, trustworthy domain. Provides full business validation with warranty of $250,000 and 2048 bits key.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV @ $164/yr

Save Up to $194 GeoTrust Listed Price

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV certificate is an inexpensive SSL solution for sites that need to prove authenticity or risk transaction abandonment. True BusinessID with EV certificates can turn the address bar of high-security browsers green that will increases customers' confidence as they can see right away that your site is authenticated and trustworthy.

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Risk Free 30 Day Refunds

Buy with confidence because, If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your purchase, we will refund your money without any delay or hassles.

  • Domains Secured

    Single Domain Name (FQDN) domain.com and www.domain.com.

  • Issuance Speed

    Symantec 1-2 weeks; GeoTrust 2-10 Days; Comodo 1-7 Days

  • Validation Method

    Business Validation based on EV guidelines.

  • Encryption Strength

    2048 bit signatures and Up to 256-bit.

  • Brower Compatibility

    Compatible Up to 99.9%.

  • Site Seal

    Highly visible site seal builds trust and aids customer conversion.

  • Warranty

    $1,500,000 for Symante; GeoTrust $150,000; Comodo $250,000.

  • Server License

    Licensed for unlimited physical servers.

  • Reissuance Policy

    Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy.