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  • Integrate With 3rd Party Control Panel Such As Parallels, WebsitePanel..etc

Overview of SmarterStats Features

SmarterStats has over 100 different report items that analyze website traffic, a complete set of search engine optimization tools to help manage SEO campaigns and site tuning analytics that help improve a site's overall performance.

Understand Your Website Presence

SmarterStats helps businesses improve all facets of their online presence, from understanding the impact of marketing campaigns to evaluating SEO efforts to getting a better understanding of website visitor habits and behaviors.

Improve Search Engine Rankings & Traffic

SmarterStats provides key information webmasters and marketers need to create keyword-rich content that helps drive traffic to a website. Why pay for traffic using PPC campaigns or other means when, with the right tools, you can rank well for your targeted keywords in organic search engine results?

Analyse Website Problems Before You Lose Traffic, Rankings & Revenue

Things like broken links, multiple redirects and missing sitemaps can adversely affect the usability of a website and negatively affect a visitor’s experience. SmarterStats’ site tuning protects you against more than 20 common issues to help you maintain your online presence.

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SmarterStats New License Model

SmarterStats has a flexible licensing model that allows organizations to purchase a level and edition that best fits their usage requirements now, and to upgrade as more features or agents are required. In addition, each new product purchase includes two email support incidents that are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. New purchases also include access to major and minor product updates for 12 months at no additional charge.

SmarterStats Support & Maintenance (Upgrade Protection)

SmarterTools customers are provided 12 months of support & maintenance (upgrade protection) coverage with the purchase of any new product license. Ensuring your SmarterStats license key are always active for upgrade protection allows you to access to all major and minor version upgrades for 12 months from the date of purchase at no additional charge. Plus you save up to 60% for renewing your active upgrade protection before it expired.Renewing an expired upgrade protection SmarterStats license key will cost you to pay up to 75% of a new license key (depending on which mailboxes edition you are running).

We also provide custom quote if you have multiple license keys which you would like to renew the upgrade protection – including both Active and Expired upgrade protection SmarterStats license key. Simply drop us an email at sales@tweakservers.com with your license key and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Perpetual license shown include 10% discount.

SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 50 Sites$525$472
Professional 250 Sites$775$697
Professional 1000 Sites$1400$1260
Professional 2500 Sites$2500$2250
Enterprise 50 Sites$775$697
Enterprise 250 Sites$1400$1260
Enterprise 1000 Sites$2200$1980
Enterprise 2500 Sites$3100$2790
Enterprise 5000 Sites$4100$3690
Enterprise 10000 Sites$6750$6075
Enterprise 20000 Sites$11750$10575
Enterprise 30000 Sites$13250$11925

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SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Pro 50 to Pro 250 Sites$200.00$180.00
Pro 250 to Pro 1000 Sites$400.00$360.00
Pro 1000 to Pro 2500 Sites$800.00$720.00
Pro 50 to Ent 50 Sites$200.00$180.00
Pro 250 to Ent 250 Sites$500.00$450.00
Pro 1000 to Ent 1000 Sites$600.00$540.00
Pro 2500 to Ent 2500 Sites$500.00$450.00
Ent 50 to Ent 250 Sites$500.00$450.00
Ent 250 to Ent 1000 Sites$500.00$450.00
Ent 1000 to Ent 2500 Sites$700.00$630.00
Ent 2500 to Ent 5000 Sites$800.00$720.00
Ent 5000 to Ent 10000 Sites$2000.00$1800.00
Ent 10000 to Ent 20000 Sites$3000.00$2700.00
Ent 20000 to Ent 30000 Sites$2000.00$1800.00

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SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 50 Sites$262$236
Professional 250 Sites$387$348
Professional 1000 Sites$700$630
Professional 2500 Sites1250$1125
Enterprise 50 Sites$387$348
Enterprise 250 Sites$700$630
Enterprise 1000 Sites$1100$990
Enterprise 2500 Sites$1550$1395
Enterprise 5000 Sites$2050$1845
Enterprise 10000 Sites$3375$3038
Enterprise 20000 Sites$5875$5288
Enterprise 30000 Sites$6625$5962

To renew your SmarterStats perpetual expired support & maintenance (upgrade protection) license, proceed to our online store to complete the order.

SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 50 Sites$420$378
Professional 250 Sites$620$558
Professional 1000 Sites$1120$1008
Professional 2500 Sites$2000$1800
Enterprise 50 Sites$620$558
Enterprise 250 Sites$1120$1008
Enterprise 1000 Sites$1760$1584
Enterprise 2500 Sites$2480$2232
Enterprise 5000 Sites$3280$2952
Enterprise 10000 Sites$5400$4860
Enterprise 20000 Sites$9400$8460
Enterprise 30000 Sites$10600$9540

Deep Drive Into How Your Website Perform With SmarterStats

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