PingMySite – Website Uptime Monitoring Solution

Today, we are thrill to announce the launching of a new website uptime monitoring solution with unlimited instant notifications.

 Monitoring the website uptime is an important aspect of any websites running on the Internet. The alert of the monitoring will trigger an immediate notifications to the webmaster for an immediate attention and action. As a result of this, it will prevent further damage to the website which will result in revenue and reputation lost.

Most of the website would leave the monitoring task to the hosting provider. This leave the website owner into the dark as any unscheduled maintenance or server interruption issues which impact the loading of the website would not be have made known to the webmaster.

The uptime service monitoring provided by PingMySite offer up to 20 monitoring check types with 30 global monitoring stations including HTTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Port Telnet, MYSQL..etc, executing the monitoring checks every minute and give a very minimum false alert for any alert. The solution also offer an unlimited notifications alert via email, Twitter, SMS and push notifications to the contacts set to receive any alert notifications.

PingMySite has open up a 14 days free trial with full features included at

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