New SmarterMail, SmarterStats & SmarterTrack Pricing Effectively from 1st May 2021

Pricing Apply To All New Perpetual License Purchase & Upgrade Protection Renewal + Existing Monthly Lease Subscription.

SmarterMailSmarterTools Existing Retail PriceNew Retail Price Effective May 2021New SmarterMail Pricing with 10% Off
Professional 250 Users$399.00$499.00$449.00
Professional 500 Users$599.00$699.00$629.00
Professional 1000 Users$799.00$999.00$899.00
Professional 2000 Users$999.00$1199.00$1079.00
Professional Unlimited Users$1199.00$1399.00$1259.00
Enterprise 250 Users$599.00$699.00$629.00
Enterprise 500 Users$799.00$899.00$809.00
Enterprise 1000 Users$999.00$1199.00$1079.00
Enterprise 2000 Users$1199.00$1399.00$1259.00
Enterprise Unlimited Users$1499.00$1699.00$1529.00
SmarterMail Mail ServerRetail with Active StatusExisting Price with 10% OffNew Price Effective May 2021 with 10% Off||Retail with Expire StatusExisting Price with 10% OffNew Price Effective May 2021 with 10% Off
Pro 250 MailboxesActive$143.00$179.00||Expired$269.00$336.00
Pro 500 MailboxesActive$215.00$251.00||Expired$404.00$471.00
Pro1000 MailboxesActive$287.00$359.00||Expired$539.00$674.00
Pro 2000 MailboxesActive$359.00$431.00||Expired$674.00$809.00
Pro Unlimited MailboxesActive$431.00$503.00||Expired$809.00$944.00
Ent 250 MailboxesActive$215.00$251.00||Expired$404.00$471.00
Ent 500 MailboxesActive$287.00$323.00||Expired$539.00$606.00
Ent 1000 MailboxesActive$359.00$431.00||Expired$674.00$809.00
Ent 2000 MailboxesActive$431.00$503.00||Expired$809.00$944.00
Ent Unlimited MailboxesActive$539.00$611.00||Expired$1011.00$1146.00
SmarterMail AddonSmarterTools Existing Retail PriceNew Retail Price Effective May 2021New SmarterMail Pricing with 10% Off
Cyren Antispam 250 Mailboxes$249.00$299.00$269.00
Cyren Antispam 500 Mailboxes$349.00$399.00$359.00
Cyren Antispam 1000 Mailboxes$449.00$549.00$494.00
Cyren Antispam 2000 Mailboxes$549.00$649.00$584.00
Cyren Antispam Unlimited Mailboxes$699.00$799.00$719.00
Cyren Antivirus 250 Mailboxes$249.00$299.00$269.00
Cyren Antivirus 500 Mailboxes$349.00$399.00$359.00
Cyren Antivirus 1000 Mailboxes$449.00$549.00$494.00
Cyren Antivirus 2000 Mailboxes$549.00$649.00$584.00
Cyren Antivirus Unlimited Mailboxes$699.00$799.00$719.00
Message Sniffer Antispam 250 Mailboxes$249.00$299.00$269.00
Message Sniffer Antispam 500 Mailboxes$349.00$399.00$359.00
Message Sniffer Antispam 1000 Mailboxes$449.00$549.00$494.00
Message Sniffer Antispam 2000 Mailboxes$549.00$649.00$584.00
Message Sniffer Antispam Unlimited Mailboxes$649.00$749.00$674.00
MAPI 250 Mailboxes$199.00$249.00$224.00
MAPI 500 Mailboxes$299.00$349.00$314.00
MAPI 1000 Mailboxes$399.00$499.00$449.00
MAPI 2000 Mailboxes$499.00$599.00$539.00
MAPI Unlimited Mailboxes$599.00$699.00$629.00
EAS 25 Mailboxes$199.00$249.00$224.00
EAS 50 Mailboxes$349.00$399.00$359.00
EAS 100 Mailboxes$499.00$599.00$539.00
EAS 200 Mailboxes$799.00$899.00$809.00
EAS 300 Mailboxes$1199.00$1299.00$1169.00
EAS 400 Mailboxes$1599.00$1699.00$1529.00
EAS 500 Mailboxes$1999.00$2099.00$1889.00
SmarterMail Monthly LeaseExisting Monthly Lease PricingNew Monthly Lease Price Effective May 2021
SmarterMail Pro 250 Mailboxes$28$35
SmarterMail Pro 500 Mailboxes$42$49
SmarterMail Pro 1000 Mailboxes$56$70
SmarterMail Pro 2000 Mailboxes$70$84
SmarterMail Pro Unlimited Mailboxes$84$99
SmarterMail Ent 250 Mailboxes$42$49
SmarterMail Ent 500 Mailboxes$56$70
SmarterMail Ent 1000 Mailboxes$70$84
SmarterMail Ent 2000 Mailboxes$84$99
SmarterMail Ent Unlimited Mailboxes$106$120
Cyren Antispam 250 Mailboxes$25$30
Cyren Antispam 500 Mailboxes$35$40
Cyren Antispam 1000 Mailboxes$45$56
Cyren Antispam 2000 Mailboxes$56$66
Cyren Antispam Unlimited Mailboxes$71$81
Cyren Antivirus 250 Mailboxes$25$30
Cyren Antivirus 500 Mailboxes$35$40
Cyren Antivirus 1000 Mailboxes$45$56
Cyren Antivirus 2000 Mailboxes$56$66
Cyren Antivirus Unlimited Mailboxes$71$81
Message Sniffer Antispam 250 Mailboxes$25$30
Message Sniffer Antispam 500 Mailboxes$35$54
Message Sniffer Antispam 1000 Mailboxes$45$56
Message Sniffer Antispam 2000 Mailboxes$56$66
Message Sniffer Antispam Unlimited Mailboxes$66$76
MAPI 250 Mailboxes$20$25
MAPI 500 Mailboxes$30$35
MAPI 1000 Mailboxes$40$51
MAPI 2000 Mailboxes$51$61
MAPI Unlimited Mailboxes$61$71
EAS 25 Mailboxes$20$25
EAS 50 Mailboxes$35$40
EAS 100 Mailboxes$51$61
EAS 200 Mailboxes$81$91
EAS 300 Mailboxes$121$132
EAS 400 Mailboxes$162$172
EAS 500 Mailboxes$202$213
SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools Existing Retail PriceNew Retail Price Effective May 2021New SmarterTrack Pricing with 10% Off
Professional 2 Agents$199.00$299.00$89.00
Professional 5 Agents$399.00$499.00$179.00
Professional 10 Agents$699.00$899.00$314.00
Enterprise 5 Agents$599.00$699.00$269.00
Enterprise 10 Agents$999.00$1099.00$449.00
Enterprise 15 Agents$1299.00$1499.00$584.00
Enterprise 25 Agents1799.00$1999.00$809.00
Enterprise 50 Agents$2999.00$3199.00$1349.00
Enterprise 100 Agents$3999.00$4199.00$1799.00
Enterprise 200 Agents$4999.00$5199.00$2249.00
Enterprise 300 Agents$5999.00$6699.00$2699.00
Enterprise 400 Agents$6499.00$7199.00$2924.00
Enterprise 500 Agents$6999.00$7699.00$3149.00
SmarterTrack HelpdeskRetail with Active StatusExisting Price with 10% OffNew Price Effective May 2021 with 10% Off||Retail with Expire StatusExisting Price with 10% OffNew Price Effective May 2021 with 10% Off
Professional 2 AgentsActive$71.00$107.00||Expired$134.00$201.00
Professional 5 AgentsActive$143.00$179.00||Expired$269.00$336.00
Professional 10 AgentsActive$251.00$323.00||Expired$471.00$606.00
Enterprise 5 AgentsActive$215.00$251.00||Expired$404.00$471.00
Enterprise 10 AgentsActive$359.00$395.00||Expired$674.00$741.00
Enterprise 15 AgentsActive$467.00$539.00||Expired$876.00$1011.00
Enterprise 25 AgentsActive$647.00$719.00||Expired$1214.00$1349.00
Enterprise 50 AgentsActive$1079.00$1151.00||Expired$2024.00$2159.00
Enterprise 100 AgentsActive$1439.00$1511.00||Expired$2699.00$2834.00
Enterprise 200 AgentsActive$1799.00$1871.00||Expired$3374.00$3509.00
Enterprise 300 AgentsActive$2159.00$2411.00||Expired$4049.00$4521.00
Enterprise 400 AgentsActive$2339.00$2591.00||Expired$4386.00$4859.00
Enterprise 500 AgentsActive$2519.00$2771.00||Expired$5249.00$5196.00
SmarterTrack Monthly LeaseExisting Monthly Lease PricingNew Monthly Lease Price Effective May 2021
Professional 2 Agents$15$22
Professional 5 Agents$29$36
Professional 10 Agents$51$66
Enterprise 5 Agents$44$51
Enterprise 10 Agents$73$80
Enterprise 15 Agents$95$110
Enterprise 25 Agents$132$146
Enterprise 50 Agents$219$234
Enterprise 100 Agents$292$307
Enterprise 200 Agents$366$380
Enterprise 300 Agents$439$453
Enterprise 400 Agents$475$490
Enterprise 500 Agents$512$526
SmarterStatsSmarterTools Existing Retail PriceNew Retail Price Effective May 2021New SmarterStats Pricing with 10% Off
Professional 50 Sites$299.00$399.00$359.00
Professional 250 Sites$499.00$59900$539.00
Professional 1000 Sites$899.00$1099.00$989.00
Professional 2500 Sites$1699.00$1899.00$1709.00
Enterprise 50 Sites$499.00$599.00$539.00
Enterprise 250 Sites$999.00$1099.00$989.00
Enterprise 1000 Sites$1499.00$1699.00$1529.00
Enterprise 2500 Sites$2199.00$2399.00$2159.00
Enterprise 5000 Sites$2999.00$3199.00$2879.00
Enterprise 10000 Sites$4999.00$5199.00$4679.00
Enterprise 20000 Sites$7999.00$8199.00$7379.00
Enterprise 30000 Sites$9999.00$10199.00$9179.00
SmarterStatsRetail with Active StatusExisting Price with 10% OffNew Price Effective May 2021 with 10% Off||Retail with Expire StatusExisting Price with 10% OffNew Price Effective May 2021 with 10% Off
Professional 50 SitesActive$107.00$143.00||Expired$201.00$269.00
Professional 250 SitesActive$179.00$215.00||Expired$336.00$404.00
Professional 1000 SitesActive$323.00$395.00||Expired$606.00$741.00
Professional 2500 SitesActive$611.00$683.00||Expired$1146.00$1281.00
Enterprise 50 SitesActive$179.00$215.00||Expired$336.00$404.00
Enterprise 250 SitesActive$359.00$395.00||Expired$674.00$741.00
Enterprise 1000 SitesActive$539.00$611.00||Expired$1011.00$1146.00
Enterprise 2500 SitesActive$791.00$863.00||Expired$1484.00$1619.00
Enterprise 5000 SitesActive$1079.00$1151.00||Expired$2024.00$2159.00
Enterprise 10000 SitesActive$1799.00$1871.00||Expired$3374.00$3509.00
Enterprise 20000 SitesActive$2879.00$2951.00||Expired$5399.00$5534.00
Enterprise 30000 SitesActive$3599.00$3671.00||Expired$6749.00$6884.00
SmarterStats Monthly LeaseExisting Monthly Lease PricingNew Monthly Lease Price Effective May 2021
Professional 50 Sites$22$29
Professional 250 Sites$36$44
Professional 1000 Sites$66$80
Enterprise 2500 Sites$124$139
Enterprise 50 Sites$36$44
Enterprise 250 Sites$73$80
Enterprise 1000 Sites$110$124
Enterprise 2500 Sites$161$175
Enterprise 5000 Sites$219$234
Enterprise 10000 Sites$366$380
Enterprise 20000 Sites$585$600
Enterprise 30000 Sites$731$746

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you making this price adjustment and when will the new price goes live?

As the official SmarterTools Reseller, we receive the periodic update and major changes from SmarterTools. The new pricing will go live on 1st May 2021 officially. You are free to reach out to SmarterTools team for the confirmation for this price changes.

How does the new price impact the monthly lease subscription?

All monthly lease subscription will be updated to reflect on the new lease price for the month of May 2021 onwards.

We will also be cancelling any existing automatic payment profile (such as PayPal recurring payment) due to the price change. You will setup the new payment profile on the May 2021 renewal before the renewal invoice is due.

How does the new pricing impact Self Own (Perpetual) support maintenance renewal?

Any support maintenance that will be renew after 1st May 2021 will be base on the "Support Renewal" tab new pricing.

As SmarterTools allow the renewal of the support maintenance to be carry out 60 days before the actual renewal, you can move your renewal that's expiring 60 days before to be completed by before 1st May 2021.

Example if your support maintenance will be expiring on 15th May or 16th June, you can opt to renew it on end of Apr 2021 to secure your next 12 months renewal price on the existing rate before the price adjustment.

Please get in touch with our team via live chat on our website with your existing SmarterTools product license key for us to check for the eligibility of your license.

Secure Your SmarterTools License NOW Before Price Increase

Lock down the existing self-own perpetual price if you plan to roll out any SmarterMail, SmarterTrack & SmarterStats product after 1st May 2021.

  • Attractive Discount

    You get 10% discount off SmarterTools list price license – including new and any upgrade requirement as well as all premium add-on such as Exchange ActiveSync, MAPI/EWS Commtouch Antispam & Antivirus as well as Message Sniffer Antispam.

  • Instant License Provisioning

    You receive your license almost instantly as our backend system is fully integrated with SmarterTools license server. The same as you purchase from SmarterTools except that you get the 10% discount off retails that you are not when you buy direct with SmarterTools.

  • SmarterTools Support Access

    All your SmarterTools license (except lease license) purchase have the unlimited direct access to SmarterTools support team without going through us.

  • Official SmarterTools Reseller

    Buy with confidence as your SmarterTools license are issued from official SmarterTools licensing server.