Is Your Website Hacked, Blacklisted By Google?

You Can Totally Avoid This With StopTheHacker Daily Malware Security Scanning Services

  • Detect malware that Antiviruses miss
  • Automatic Cleanup
  • Blacklist & Reputation Monitoring
  • Find security vulnerabilities
  • No Installation needed
  • Protect your business and revenue stream

Your Web Host Does Not Protect Your Website 24x7

Facts About Your Hosting Packages

Most usually after you have sign up for your hosting packages with some hosting providers, design and uploaded your website and you think it's done as it would be stay there nicely. The fact is nope. Most web host out there does not look after your websites security 24x7. In fact, there's more than one single website are hosted on their server.

Majority of the web host providers will have the basic security protection setup on their server for any security intrusion prevention but that's towards the system and operating system wide and it does not goes to your website.

9,500 websites get blacklisted daily by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others because hackers have injected malware on their website. The result of being blacklisted is that no one can get to your site until you have removed the malware, submitted a request to Google, and Google removes you from their blacklist.

So, What's StopTheHacker?

StopTheHacker is suite of security technologies designed to keep a company's website safe.

Web Malware Detection: Scans your website to determine if hackers have injected malicious code on your site. Removes the infected code automatically and immediately. Answers the question: "Am I infected"? and fixes the problem.

    • Why? If your site is infected, you need to know so you can take action immediately before your customers get infected and/or your site gets blacklisted.

Vulnerability AssessmentScans your website to let you know about any security holes that hackers may exploit. Answers the question: "Am I Vulnerable for potential attacks"?

    • Why: If your site is vulnerable, you need to know so you can take action immediately before hackers break in and infect your website and visitors. If you need help patching your systems, our security experts are available to help.

Uptime MonitoringScans your website to report if your website has been down and unavailable.

    • Why: If your site is unavailable, you need to figure out why so it doesn't happen again.

Reputation MonitoringScans of your website against malware, spam, and other blacklists (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others). Answers the question: "Am I Blacklisted"?

    • Why: If your site has bad reputation and is blacklisted by any search engines, you need to know so you can take action immediately.

How Does StopTheHacker Works And Protect My Website?

Malware Scanning and Automatic Removal

  • Your website is being scanned daily with StopTheHacker Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to identify any possible risks and threats.
  • You will be informed immediately if any risks of infections has been validated.
  • Automatic cleanup to remove the malware and threats from your website before it goes blacklisted by major search engines.

Comprehensive Detection Check List

  • StopTheHacker scans and protect your website from .htaccess exploit, insecure folder permission, FTP scanning, malicious code changes on your website, phising page and PHP Spam Shell detection, external link scan and your company Facebook fan page.
  • You will be informed immediately if When any of this was detected, StopTheHacker will automatically fix the problems for your without your intervention and you will receive a notification as well.risks of infections has been validated.
  • StopTheHacker also monitor your website uptime availability and speed loading time.

Blacklist and Reputation Monitoring

  • Protect your website from being blacklisted by major search engines through StopTheHacker Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring.
  • Your website will be scanned through Google Safe Browsing, Yahoo, Bing, SpamCop, URL Blacklist, PhishTank, Malware Patrol and many others.
  • You will be notified immediately if your website is found blacklisted and StopTheHacker will help you remove your website from the blacklist.

Quality Check and Trust Seal

  • On each and every malware removal action, your website will be scanned and checked to make sure it does not affect your website functionality.
  • Show your visitors with StopTheHacker Trust Seal (like the one we have) that you are care with your website safety when they are browsing your website.
  • The trust seal will increase their trust and confidence towards your website business and increase your conversion rate.