8 Reasons Why You Need HTTPS SSL For Your Website

Why You Need HTTPS SSL For Your Website

SSL certificates perform two major functions—encryption and identity validation. Both are essential to gaining the trust and, ultimately, the business of online visitors. You’re probably aware that all major browsers now label all unencrypted webpages with “Not Secure” warnings. If you’re doing business online, the impact of this is huge given that, according to the…

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IMAP Timeout on SmarterMail

SmarterMail IMAP Time Out

Over the last 1 week, SmarterMail users has been experience an intermittent unstable connection – mostly are receiving timed out when connection is made to the mail server. This was a result of the release of the SmarterMail v15.7.6816, v16.3.6816, and v17.0.6816 which contains a TCP connection bugs as explained by SmarterTools: One of the…

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How to Properly Backup Your SmarterMail Installation?

Backup SmarterMail Server

Constantly backing up your SmarterMail is a good practice as the backup becomes a handy helper during the time when the server crashed, hacked or an upgrade has been performed which have major bugs that you will need to restore to the last good known configuration. SmarterMail has been developed in a way that making…

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Better way to monitor your SmarterMail email queue?

“The email that I have sent 30 minutes ago has not been received by the recipient, what’s going on? Is your mail server down?” This message is not something new if you are the administrator of your SmarterMail Windows Mail Server. As this happen, usually you will only found out that the mail server queue…

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SmarterMail v17 – What to Expect?

SmarterTools recently announced that the development of SmarterMail v17 has begun. Ever since SmarterMail v16 has been released back on May 2017, the new version has introduced a complete change of the webmail interface and other new features but it also brings in substantial of feedback on the performance and stability of the version by…

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Reply / Forward Mail Errors with iOS11 on Exchange ActiveSync in SmarterMail

With Apple announcing of iOS11 for the new line up of their iPhone 8, iPhone X, it’s pretty an exciting news. As iOS11 is rolling out beginning of Sept 19 2017, one of the drawback that’s going to hit is on the mail server environment particularly on the Windows Server 2016 running on Exchange ActiveSync…

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Google Safe Browsing Warning on SmarterMail login – What You Need to Know

Google and other providers have recently started branding web interfaces as unsafe if they don’t don’t meet certain security requirements, not simply because malicious content is detected coming from the site. These security requirements could cause your site to be flagged as insecure, even if it doesn’t contain malicious content. One of the security requirements…

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SmarterMail v16 Beta Release – It’s Official

It’s official! SmarterTools announce the public availability of the long waited SmarterMail v16 beta to the public. SmarterMail v16 is a complete rebuilt from the ground compare featuring new webmail interface, 100% API driven, new unified communication platform with messaging among the team members and new multi-language support. New WebMail Interface SmarterMail has a completely…

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Securing Your SmarterMail With SSL / TLS

SSL certificate helps to encrypt the connection between the 2 connection point so the data is transmitted over the channel as a series of random encrypted code instead of the plain text, this helps to avoid the data being tampered to retrieve the content. SSL certificate is widely being used by website especially for website…

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Renew / Reinstate Any Of Your Expired SmarterTools License At 45% Discount Off

     Recent updates to Firefox and Chrome, PLUS the release of Microsoft Edge, break several features found in older versions of SmarterTools’ software. For this reason it’s critical that you keep your Upgrade Protection up-to-date. Staying on the latest version of SmarterTools products helps protect your users and your networks, and ensures that the software…

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