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  • Flexible Helpdesk Management
  • More than 70 Pre-defined Support Reporting
  • Integrated with Complete Billing System – WHMCS

Overview of SmarterTrack Features

SmarterTrack is a powerful communications platform that acts as an online help desk for initiating, tracking, managing and reporting on a number of different communication channels. Whether it is a ticket submission via email or from the online portal, a live chat, a community post, comments made on a knowledge base article or more, SmarterTrack provides a centralized outlet for all communication channels and is an ideal solution for building your online community.

Complete Support Ticket System

SmarterTrack includes a flexbile, powerful and customizable ticketing platform that allows tickets to be submitted via email or the online portal while responses can be sent from anywhere there is a Web browser and an internet connection. In addition, it's possible to monitor the complete history of a helpdesk ticket and take total control of all related ticket communications, including emails, notes, tasks, phone call logs and associated live chats. Detailed reporting, interactive monitoring and flexible distribution methods mean that helpdesk ticket management is virtually effortless.

Live Chat For Customer Support

Industry analysts report that live chat software can significantly reduce costs when compared to phone calls and it allows companies to double the capacity of their customer service and support teams. In addition, more and more people are turning to chat as a preferred method of communication. SmarterTrack's live chat feature can help businesses reduce phone calls, assist more customers concurrently and caters to customer preferences. It also increases service levels efficiently without increasing cost.

Integrated VOIP Helpdesk System

SmarterTrack gives you the flexibility to use your legacy analog phones, connect via your existing VoIP phone system or take advantage of SmarterTrack Communicator, the helpdesk's integrated, SIP-compliant softphone. Regardless of the method used, it's possible to keep and track phone calls, associate calls with tasks or tickets, create time logs and more, further centralizing all communications in a single location.

Multi-Brand Self-Service Support Portal

With SmarterTrack's helpdesk portal, companies can improve their marketability and create a central hub for all communication channels. Encourage customers to submit tickets, initiate live chats and search self-service resources and use the Community to empower customers to give feedback, ask questions, report bugs and interact together. Using the portal, it's possible to expand your social network and improve your community outreach.

Streamline Helpdesk Support Flow

While most systems restrict businesses to lists of static, pre-defined SLA policies, SmarterTrack extends helpdesk management to include a task management system, scheduled follow-ups, time logging, and automated issue escalations and notifications. Together, these features enable businesses to be more flexible and customize how issues are handled, ensure service levels are met, and keep customers and staff up-to-date as issues move towards resolution.

Flexible Helpdesk Management

In addition to providing crucial data to managers, such as customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your agents, SmarterTrack's administrative features make it easy to customize the system to meet your business' unique needs. This includes support for multiple brands, custom signature creation, detailed reporting, service level management and much more.

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SmarterTrack New License Model

SmarterTrack has a flexible licensing model that allows organizations to purchase a level and edition that best fits their usage requirements now, and to upgrade as more features or agents are required. In addition, each new product purchase includes two email support incidents that are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. New purchases also include access to major and minor product updates for 12 months at no additional charge.

SmarterTrack Maintenance & Support (Upgrade Protection)

SmarterTools customers are provided 12 months of maintenance & support (upgrade protection) coverage with the purchase of any new product license. Ensuring your SmarterMail license key are always active for upgrade protection allows you to access to all major and minor version upgrades for 12 months from the date of purchase at no additional charge. Plus you save up to 60% for renewing your active upgrade protection before it expired. Renewing an expired upgrade protection SmarterMail license key will cost you to pay up to 75% of a new license key (depending on which mailboxes edition you are running).

We also provide custom quote if you have multiple license keys which you would like to renew the maintenance & support – including both Active and Expired upgrade protection SmarterMail license key. Simply drop us an email at sales@tweakservers.com with your license key and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Perpetual license shown include 10% discount.

SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 2 Agents$400$360
Professional 5 Agents$650$585
Professional 10 Agents$1200$1080
Enterprise 5 Agents$900$810
Enterprise 10 Agents$1400$1260
Enterprise 15 Agents$1950$1755
Enterprise 25 Agents$2600$2340
Enterprise 50 Agents$4100$3690
Enterprise 100 Agents$5400$4860
Enterprise 200 Agents$6700$6030
Enterprise 300 Agents$8000$7200
Enterprise 400 Agents$8700$7830
Enterprise 500 Agents$9300$8370

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SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Pro 2 to Pro 5 Agents$200.00$180.00
Pro 5 to Pro 10 Agents$300.00$270.00
Pro 5 to Ent 5 Agents$200.00$180.00
Pro 10 to Ent 10 Agents$300.00$270.00
Ent 5 to Ent 10 Agents$400.00$360.00
Ent 10 to Ent 15 Agents$300.00$270.00
Ent 15 to Ent 25 Agents$500.00$450.00
Ent 25 to Ent 50 Agents$1200.00$1080.00
Ent 50 to Ent 100 Agents$1000.00$900.00
Ent 100 to Ent 200 Agents$1000.00$900.00
Ent 200 to Ent 300 Agents$1000.00$900.00
Ent 300 to Ent 400 Agents$500.00$450.00
Ent 400 to Ent 500 Agents$500.00$450.00
Ent 500 to Ent 600 Agents$500.00$450.00
Ent 600 to Ent 700 Agents$500.00$450.00
Ent 700 to Ent 800 Agents$500.00$450.00
Ent 800 to Ent 900 Agents$500.00$450.00
Ent 900 to Ent 1000 Agents$500.00$450.00

To renew your SmarterTrack perpetual active maintenance and support license, proceed to our online store to complete the order.

SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 2 Agents$200$180
Professional 5 Agents$325$292
Professional 10 Agents$600$540
Enterprise 5 Agents$450$405
Enterprise 10 Agents$700$630
Enterprise 15 Agents$975$877
Enterprise 25 Agents$1300$1170
Enterprise 50 Agents$2050$1845
Enterprise 100 Agents$2700$2430
Enterprise 200 Agents$3350$3015
Enterprise 300 Agents$4000$3600
Enterprise 400 Agents$4350$3915
Enterprise 500 Agents$4650$4185

To renew your SmarterTrack perpetual expired maintenance and support license, proceed to our online store to complete the order.

SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 2 Agents$224.25$201.00
Professional 5 Agents$374.25$336.00
Professional 10 Agents$674.25$606.00
Enterprise 5 Agents$524.25$471.00
Enterprise 10 Agents$824.25$741.00
Enterprise 15 Agents$1124.25$1011.00
Enterprise 25 Agents$1499.25$1349.00
Enterprise 50 Agents$2399.25$2159.00
Enterprise 100 Agents$3149.25$2834.00
Enterprise 200 Agents$3899.25$3509.00
Enterprise 300 Agents$5024.25$4521.00
Enterprise 400 Agents$5399.25$4859.00
Enterprise 500 Agents$5774.25$5196.00

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Look What Other People Had to Say...

SmarterTrack provides large organizations the ability to span across geographic locations while simplifying the communication process between agents and end-users alike. In addition, the flexibility of SmarterTrack’s API allows companies to extend and interface with legacy systems and adapt for future organizational needs.

Jeff Hardy PingZine

With SmarterTrack the U.S. company SmarterTools an adult online helpdesk tool in hands. The ease of use is generally positive. The fact that the online software is also available in Dutch, it makes for the Dutch market an accessible solution. The security and uptime are above average and gets a good score. The prices are pretty similar to those of competitor Kayako Fusion .

Alexander Wood Huyse Cloud Tools