Build Meaningful Relationships, Right On Your Website

Zopim helps you engage, satisfy and delight every visitor on your website, giving them a memorable experience they will never forget.

  • Super Easy To Setup And Customize - No downloads, no setup fees. Just paste a line of code in your website to get a beautiful, customizable chat widget.
  • Simple Yet Powerful Features - Starting your first chat? Or configuring Zopim to auto-target VIP customers? Do it with trademark Zopim ease.
  • Stay Connected Anywhere - Be in touch with your customers from your computer or using our mobile apps.
  • Trusted By More Than 130,000 websites with 290 million web visitors every month in 54 languages

What Makes Zopim Features So Cool About It

Create a good first impression

Sleek and professional, Zopim's chat widget looks good on any website. Customize it to your heart's content.

Greet Customers The Way They Like

Be professional, quirky, casual, or downright wacky. Only you know how your visitors love being greeted.

Live Chat That Works 24x7

Even while you're offline, Zopim collects messages that your visitors left for you. Pipe them to your email, or CRM. Or simply hide the widget when you're not around.

Know, Track Your Visitors Inside Out

Help your customers better by understanding them well. Zopim provides loads of real-time info, including webpath, country, web-browser, etc.. You can also pull in data from your CRM solution.

Speak Foreign Language Like A Native

Well, not quite like a native. But using our auto-translation feature, you can impress foreign customers and extend your reach to markets you couldn't reach before.

Seamless Integration

Zopim have built integrations with your favorite CRM, Ticketing and Issue Tracking products. Customer support has never felt this seamless!

Tones of Features

  • See Visitors Webpath

    Understand how visitors are moving around your site. Never be in the dark again.

  • Combat Spam by Banning Visitors

    Some visitors overstep their limits. Politely hide the widget from their view by banning them.

  • Secure SSL Chats

    Enjoy secure encrypted chats on your SSL (https) web pages.

  • HTML5 Home Dashboard

    Powered, and constantly upgraded with the latest web technologies. Be amazed at how quickly real-time information is presented to you.

More Features

  • Inter-agent Chats and Transfer

    Customer engagement is a team activity. Seamlessly chat with or transfer conversations to other agents.

  • Dashboard Analytics

    Have your website statistics, and chat analytics at your fingertips all the time.

  • Developers Friendly API

    Extend and customize the behavior of the widget. Be unique, and get creative with our Javascript APIs.

  • Fanatic Customer Support

    Everyone loves the feeling of being special. We try to achieve that with every single customer.

Start Chatting With Your Visitors Today.