8 Reasons Why You Need HTTPS SSL For Your Website

Why You Need HTTPS SSL For Your Website

SSL certificates perform two major functions—encryption and identity validation. Both are essential to gaining the trust and, ultimately, the business of online visitors.

You’re probably aware that all major browsers now label all unencrypted webpages with “Not Secure” warnings. If you’re doing business online, the impact of this is huge given that, according to the CA Security Council Report, only 2% would proceed past untrusted connection warnings and only 3% would give credit card information without the padlock icon.

Since SSL certificates enable encryption, or HTTPS, every one of your webpages needs one to avoid these negative messages and protect data in transit. But, there are many other advantages of ensuring your webpages have SSL certificates.

Here are eight additional ways SSL certificates benefit you and your visitors:

Improve website performance—In this “I want it now” world, no one’s going to wait for your webpages to load. HTTPS speeds up page loads to deliver a great visitor experience.

Drive more website traffic—Google rewards websites that serve every page via an encrypted HTTPS connected with as much as a 5% boost in search engine rankings. That means more people clicking through to your site.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment—Abandonment rates can soar as high as 75%. Why? One of the top 7 concerns of online shoppers is whether your website is legit. SSL certificates give them the confidence they need to hit “Buy Now’.

Increase conversions—Bizrate reports 69% of online shoppers look for websites that display trust symbols. It’s easy enough to click away to a competitor who proudly shows them off. A Tec-ED survey reported premium EV SSL certificates have been proven to increase conversions.

Leverage the latest innovations—HTTP/2 is the first big revision to the outdated HTTP network protocol. It’s faster and safer, but browsers require a secured connection to unlock these advantages.

Enable must-have mobile features—The most in-demand mobile features, including geo-location, device orientation, full screen, microphone and camera are only enabled over secured HTTPS sessions.

Sharpen your competitive edge—The level of SSL certificate you choose is a differentiator that motivates visitors to do business with you instead of “the other guys” that don’t have a premium SSL certificate. Trust us, your visitors will notice you’ve taken the extra steps to put their security front and center.

Avoid phishing attacks—It might be easy for cybercriminals to squeak by domain validation with a DV certificate and fool unsuspecting visitors, but the Extended Validation (EV) process is designed to ensure only the “good guys” are approved.

The Choice is Clear

Beyond meeting the new encryption standard, SSL certificates improve your speed, innovation and conversions—all important factors for online success. At the very core is trust. Remember, you’re in control of how visitors perceive you online. Review your SSL certificate options to find the one that’s right for you and start earning the trust you deserve.


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