2checkout, MaxCDN, Zopim & Demowolf

2checkout Payment Gateway

Looking to start accepting credit card and debit cards on your website and wondering which gateway is the best to go? 2Checkout is your best options to go! Serving more than 50K+ of sellers globally, 2checkout support more than 196 countries with 25 currencies. Sign up today now with the coupon code tweak2co and you will get your setup fees waive!

Zopim Real Time Live Chat With Visitors

Real-time chat has become the foundation for how customers want to communicate online today. It is convenient for customers and makes companies more approachable to more people.


Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have revolutionized web hosting during the past few years. Rather than hosting your website a single server, you can distribute the files and load across multiple systems. MaxCDN is one of the most affordable and fastest CDN services on the market.

DemoWolf Video Tutorials

Self-help has been a norm for IT and webhosting industries since some times back. The ability to allow and educate users to go through a series of ready made video guides and knowledge base helps most of the IT company drops their support queue by up to 80% dramatically.