SmarterMail v16 Beta Release – It’s Official

Smartermail New WebMail Interface

It’s official! SmarterTools announce the public availability of the long waited SmarterMail v16 beta to the public. SmarterMail v16 is a complete rebuilt from the ground compare featuring new webmail interface, 100% API driven, new unified communication platform with messaging among the team members and new multi-language support.

New WebMail Interface

New WebMail Interface for Smartermail v16

SmarterMail has a completely redesigned web interface for system administrators and webmail users. The new web interface uses a number of the latest web technologies and utilizes the new and powerful API-driven architecture within SmarterMail! The new webmail interface featuring :

  • Clean appearance and powerful performance
  • Custom login pages with gorgeous backgrounds or you can add your own
  • Faster than any previous version
  • Compatible with all the latest browsers and technologies
  • Work across mobile devices and tablets with all the capabilities of the desktop version
  • Customizable for easy skin creation or complete interface redesign
  • Built to be flexible enough for future development
  • And so much more!

100% API Driven

SmarterMail Open API Integration

SmarterMail v16 allow companies to fully integrate service platform, billing system on top of SmarterMail via the new completely rewritten API.

  • Customers can fully customize any aspect of SmarterMail. This is especially beneficial to companies looking to fully brand, or even completely redesign, the webmail login page. If an existing system is in place for customer management, like an existing or custom-built control panel, it’s simple to add a custom login area for webmail access! Want to completely overhaul the entire interface? Even that is possible!
  • Every aspect within SmarterMail can be automated: from setting up domains and managing mailboxes to adding and/or updating abuse detection rules. Any feature or function within SmarterMail will have an associated API call! Technically, a company can build their own app, for desktop or mobile, for SmarterMail management since it’s ALL there!
  • Integrations with existing systems is much simpler. If a company has a custom CRM or billing system, integrating SmarterMail with those existing systems is easier as everything is open and available via web service. That includes mailbox size limits, adding, and charging for, add-ons like Exchange ActiveSync or premium antispam products and more.
  • Faster processing of requests and access to information. Since the product now USES the full API as well as making it publicly available, we no longer need a legacy architecture for the product: no more frames, no more separate pages, no more time and processor-intensive calls, etc. Now, SmarterMail is a single-page application, with data being called and presented directly from our API. This means faster load times and simple organization and presentation of your information.

New Unified Communication Platform

GotoMeeting, WebEx Alternative

If you have been using services from GotoMeeting and WebEx for internal / external web conferences, you can save out the cost with the new SmarterMail v16 as it comes with the support of Web Conferences.  Web conferencing includes live video chat, screen sharing, group meeting workspaces and much more.

Getting started with a web conference is simple: a shareable link can be sent to others in your existing chat, or you can copy the link and send it to anyone outside of your organization. Within the video conference, each participant has the ability to use their webcam or go “audio only”, participants can mute themselves, any participant can share a desktop, PLUS it’s possible to start a live chat right inside the web conference interface.

Messaging For Your Team

SmarterMail Messaging for Slack and HipChat

Are you using any of the 3rd party services like HipChat and Slack for your team messaging ? With SmarterMail v16, the XMPP service has been completely rewritten with the aim to provide a better group chat experience – you can simply initiate a web conferencing with the team from the group chat!

  • Image and video link previews. Paste a link to an image file or video and see what you’re clicking on BEFORE you click on it.
  • Initiate a web conference from anywhere within SmarterMail using a shareable link.
  • Create a document together. Whether working on new website content or a press release, document collaboration and working with team members is key. Simply click the document icon in your chat window to start a collaborative document. Just like with web conferencing the link is displayed automatically for anyone in your group chat or you can send it to any outside parties who need to work with, or review, what’s been created!
  • Set up Meeting Rooms. Create a Meeting Room and invite participants, then work together using live chat or video chat and
  • Use third-party group chat clients like Adium or Pidgin. SmarterMail’s group chat easily ties into your favorite chat application, allowing you to continue using the products you’re familiar with so you can continue using the built-in features you’re accustomed to.
  • ALL of this is fully archived and saved. All image or movie links, web conferencing links, document collaboration links and all chat text is saved and archived for later use, as needed. Even the information contained in a collaborative document can be retrieved and reviewed at a later date, complete with versioning and changes!

Give SmarterMail 16 a try and you might drop your existing group chat subscription from the 3rd party and save out the cost!

New Multi-Language Support

SmarterMail product has been widely used across the service providers and hosting more than 1.5million mailboxes across all the region in the world. With SmarterMail 16 release, SmarterTools completely rewrite the language file system that allows users and companies to manage languages for any SmarterTools product. For now, suffice it to say that it is going to be incredibly easy for SmarterTools products to be translated, and translated quickly, with new languages being automatically downloaded to SmarterTools products, behind the scenes.

As one of the SmarterTools partner since 2009, we can’t be excited to wait to see the stable release of the SmarterMail v16 in the Q1 2017. If you are an existing owner of SmarterMail and would like to get to upgrade to this new version, make sure you have an active upgrade protection for your SmarterMail license for the upgrade eligibility. Speak to us if you are not sure and we would certainly provide you an advise.

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