3 Simple Ways To Maximise Your Holiday Revenue

The year-end holiday season is rapidly approaching which means also if you are running an online store or e-commerce, you should have already planning some promotion activity at the background as to boost your year end sales revenue. Apart from getting your online store ready – such as server hardware to cater for the traffic, targeted product or services for promotions and marketing activities, ensuring your year end promotion converts is also one of the important aspect. Don’t sweat, here’s how you could do it …

Use SSL Certificate Wisely

SSL certifications are super important for security when transmitting sensitive data especially if your e-commerce enabled website is accepting online payment. GeoTrust True BusinessID certificates provide end-to-end Internet security coverage and are ideal for high-profile, high-traffic sites that are likely to be targets for phishing. True BusinessID certificate enables up to 256-bit encryption and an identity verification seal in a single bundle. Use them only on pages where these transactions take place and not across your entire site.

If budget is something allowed, consider get a EV SSL Certificate. With GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Extended Validation (EV) SSL, visitors using high-security browsers see the address bar turn green when they visit your site. Extended Validation SSL Certificates provide a convenient and visible sign that you have a highly authenticated, trustworthy site and that your customers’ information is secure.

Malware Free Website

9,500 websites get blacklisted daily by major search engines and others because hackers have injected malware on their website. The result of being blacklisted is that no one can get to your site until you have removed the malware, submitted a request to Google, and Google removes you from their blacklist. You do not want this to happen during this year end peak period as the result is – lost revenue, reputation, and a high chance that you’re infecting your customers as the malicious codes will be downloaded to your customer’s workstation when they browse your e-commerce website.

Through StopTheHackers Website Security Protection, your website is being scanned for any malware code injection and automatically remove it if it detects any. StopTheHacker also will conduct vulnerability assessment for any possible security holes and monitor your website for both uptime and reputation against major search engine. With the StopTheHacker Trust Seal on your website or online store, you are showing to your visitors and customers that you care about their safety while visiting your website. When your customers see that your site is protected by StopTheHackers advanced security product and scanned regularly on hacker attacks, they’ll feel more confident visiting and thus completing the transactions. The best thing is it’s a SaaS based system, there’s no software to install on your website or workstation and you could be protected within few minutes.

Offload Static Content to CDN Servers

CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology allows copies of static content (e.g. videos, pictures, documents) to be stored in cache on servers all over the world. The first time a user is served the content, the CDN caches it in a server closest to the user’s location reducing response times for future requests. You can do this through MaxCDN. With MaxCDN, you get multiple servers all over the world ready to deliver. Your content speeds along the fastest route to deliver your site to visitors from servers closest to their location. The CDN also takes load away from your origin server so your server stays up, even if your site becomes popular overnight! Why would you choose anything less than optimal site performance when MaxCDN can keep your site humming and your visitors delighted?

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