Show Mailbox Password in SmarterMail 15?

With the official release of SmarterMail 15 to the public back on March 2016, SmarterTools has taken out one of the feature which most of the SmarterMail admin found useful on their daily support routine – Revealing mailboxes password with just a simple click on the mailbox account level.

The decision to remove this feature is part of the security compliance and making SmarterMail more secure according to SmarterTools’ CEO Tim as one of his response on the community thread :

You should be using this change, and the upcoming changes, as an opportunity to explain to your customers WHY this is GOOD for them! Why this change is the move towards providing them with a more secure environment. Why password policies are in place. Why strong passwords are SMART and NECESSARY in the world today. Use the innumerable stories about how people’s email is hacked EVERY DAY — every day people as well as world leaders — as an example of WHY you can’t see their password and WHY they should change it to something strong. Heck, you can even give THEM the ability to reset their own passwords via the webmail interface…that relieves YOU of the necessity to change it for them! Changing passwords isn’t new — people are used to it. Virtually every service they use requires strong passwords, login attempt blocks, recurring password changes and many, many more security features that they’re already using. They will understand!

SmarterTools is going to reopen back the Show Password feature in SmarterMail 16 as an alternate option that could be toggle in the SmarterMail admin setting but this feature will be completely be disabled moving from SmarterMail 17 (schedule Summer 2017 release). Until SmarterMail 16 is release, you can try out the SmarterMail Show Password release by HostTools if you urgently needing this to be back to your SmarterMail install before SmarterMail 16 is release.

Update : Apparently SmarterMail release v15.2.6039 release back on July 14, 2016 have an added option that could be toggle to enable the password viewing. Update your SmarterMail today to the latest release to get this feature.


  • Added: A mailConfig.xml only setting called allowViewingOfPasswords that enables the viewing of passwords in the web interface by system administrators.


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