SmarterTrack v6 Released

SmarterTools has announced the availability of SmarterTrack v6 – the powerful help desk application built for tracking, managing, and reporting on customer service and communications, including sales and support issues. Upgrade your SmarterTrack version to v6 via Tweakservers and save 10% discount of RRP.

Some of the new features of SmarterTrack v6 includes:

Redesigned Web Interface
The new Web interface is visually pleasing and focuses on improving the user experience to make it far easier to use. SmarterTrack 6.x includes dozens of UI enhancements, including smaller page sizes, less JavaScript, and more advanced interface rendering that help improve page load times.
Time Logging
With the introduction of time logs, agents have the ability to track the time spent resolving customer issues via tickets, live chats or phone calls. Managers can use this information to proactively manage help desk workflow, develop new policies and improve overall help desk efficiency.
VoIP Integration
Automatically populate call log fields like the subject, customer phone number, customer name, email address, assigned group and agent fields with VoIP integration. Made possible via exposed Web services or your VoIP system’s ability to launch an external URL when a call is received, this feature makes it easier for companies to track incoming calls and customer issues.
Click-to-call Functionality
Escalate visitors from chat to voice with a click of the mouse. When logged into the management interface, agents can click on any phone number to initiate a telephone conversation with a customer.
Live Chat Enhancements
SmarterTrack 6.x makes several improvements to live chat, including separate indicators when live chats are in the queue or haven’t received a response for a long time, message time stamps and geographical mapping that shows where your customer is chatting from.
Google Analytics Integration
SmarterTrack 6.x makes it easy to gather Web analytics on the customer portal with Google Analytics integration. Just provide your Google Analytics site ID and SmarterTrack will automatically place the necessary tracking code on your portal pages.
Cross-installation Ticket Transfer
With the addition of cross-installation ticket transferring, companies using multiple installations of SmarterTrack can easily transfer a ticket from one installation to another.
More Social Networking Options from the Portal
It’s even easier for customers to share portal content on their favorite social networks. With the click of the mouse, customers can share any knowledge base article or any news item to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon and a dozen other social sites.
Custom Distribution Options
With custom distribution options, system administrators can restrict the ability to transfer tickets, live chats and call logs to other agents, hide the queue, or restrict an agent’s ability to start or stop receiving tickets and live chats.
Dual Axis Reporting
SmarterTrack 6.x improves its reporting with the introduction of dual axis charting. Dual axis charting allows SmarterTrack to plot two different elements on a single chart—even if they have different scales—making reports much easier to read and understand.
Events System Enhancements
New events in SmarterTrack 6.x help managers automate the workflow and improve help desk efficiency. For example, managers can now set up an even to receive notification when an agent adds a time log to a ticket, live chat or call log or when an agents starts or stops receiving live chats.
Events External Provider
Included in the events system enhancements is the ability to use the events external provider to update third-party software and databases on virtually any action taken by an agent in SmarterTrack.
Updated Web Services
SmarterTrack 6.x includes new Web services for live chat, tasks, call logs and role permissions. In addition, existing Web services were updated to enhance functionality and make them easier to use.
Failover Functionality
With failover functionality, system administrators can virtually eliminate service interruptions by installing a second server that is always connected to the database in standby mode. For businesses that use their help desk as a mission-critical part of their operations, failover functionality ensures the help desk remains online if there is a primary server failure.
Load Balancing Functionality
Load balancing functionality improves performance and scalability by using a load balancer to distribute the requests to the help desk installation across multiple servers and improving the frequency in which data is cached. When used in conjunction with failover functionality, this is an ideal option for organizations that want to deploy SmarterTrack in a high-volume environment or ensure maximum uptime.

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