Latest SmarterMail, SmarterTrack & SmarterStats Release

Smartertools announced the public stable minor released version of SmarterMail 10.7.4765, SmarterTrack 8.5.4703 and SmarterStats 7.7.4703 with minor bug fixes. The release of SmarterMail also introduce major performance improvement for SmarterMail WebMail which runs IIS as the backend webmail engine.

SmarterTools users with active upgrade protection enabled can download the latest version of SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats from SmarterTools website. If your upgrade protection has expired and would like to reinstate the upgrade protection, do it with us and enjoy 10% discount savings.

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SmarterMail 10.7.4765

  • ADDED: Implemented the UIDPlus extension for IMAP.
  • ADDED: Spam check results for outgoing SMTP spam checks are now logged in the delivery log.
  • FIXED: An issue where the IMAP Append command was not handled properly which would cause it to randomly fail.
  • FIXED: Creating appointments using Exchange ActiveSync now saves correctly.
  • FIXED: Domain archiving now properly archives messages sent from a remote address to one of the domains aliases that contains only remote addresses.
  • FIXED: Messages with null characters will no longer stall Exchange ActiveSync.
  • FIXED: SmarterMail no longer modifies message parts of text/calendar when sending through a mailing list or attaching footer text.
  • FIXED: The free/busy status is now set correctly when accepting appointments through Exchange ActiveSync.

SmarterTrack 8.5.4703

  • ADDED: An open-source module for integrating SmarterTrack with WHMCS is now available.
  • EFFICIENCY: Events based on ticket idle time will now use less CPU and memory.
  • EFFICIENCY: Increased the responsiveness of the management interface when switching between sections.
  • FIXED: A live chat invitation offered through a system level Who’s On event will no longer reappear after a user has rejected it.
  • FIXED: An error will no longer occur when using MySQL and displaying views in the management interface.
  • FIXED: SmarterTrack Communicator: Call logs deleted because the call duration was less than the minimum time specified in SmarterTrack’s VOIP settings will now show a message bar at the top of the call log informing the agent that the call log was deleted.
  • FIXED: SmarterTrack Communicator: Fixed an issue that could cause the Communicator to stop working after the computer wakes from being in sleep mode.
  • FIXED: SmarterTrack Communicator: The Communicator will now attempt to reconnect to the VOIP server if the connection is lost.
  • FIXED: The last item in grid views throughout the management interface will no longer randomly appear twice.

SmarterStats 7.5.4703

  • EFFICIENCY: Increased the responsiveness of the management interface when switching between sections.
  • FIXED: An error will no longer occur when a title isn’t provided for scheduled email reports.
  • FIXED: Email report settings now function as expected when using SSL.
  • FIXED: The setting to include GZ files will now be set properly editing FTP log locations for sites.

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