SmarterMail 10.5.4682 Release

In conjunction with the release of Microsoft Windows 8, SmarterTools announced minor release version of SmarterMail v10 with minor bug fixes. Upgrade to the latest version 10.5.4682 by reinstate your SmarterMail license by savings 10% discount. Contact us for a quote today.

  • ADDED: Support for calendar colors when using EWS.
  • EFFICIENCY: Access time for mailing list data has been reduced, decreasing startup and operating times.
  • EFFICIENCY: Delivery to mailing lists now uses significantly less CPU.
  • FIXED: Attached calendars listed in the calendar selection list will now display properly.
  • FIXED: Birthdays will now sync to the proper day when using SyncML.
  • FIXED: CalDav will now function properly with OSX Mountain Lion and iOS 6.
  • FIXED: Categories on specific contact types now function properly in SyncML.
  • FIXED: Changing the skin now properly refreshes the interface.
  • FIXED: Company name and department will now sync properly when using SyncML.
  • FIXED: Daylight savings transition dates for recurrence rules are now synced correctly when using SharePoint Sync.
  • FIXED: Fixed a decoding issue where certain characters can be displayed incorrectly for 8-bit MIME messages retrieved through ActiveSync.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where the contents of a grid would sometimes push the splitter off the page in webmail.
  • FIXED: Getting started page now works properly in localhost when using IE enhanced security.
  • FIXED: Installer no longer flags service as Interact With Desktop.
  • FIXED: Installer now functions properly on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.
  • FIXED: LDAP will now properly return accounts with alternate email addresses defined in the account profile.
  • FIXED: Login page will no longer require compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.
  • FIXED: Mailing lists visible in Global Address List will now show up properly when using Add to Outlook.
  • FIXED: Migrating from an IMAP account with folders that include invalid Windows folder characters will no longer fail.
  • FIXED: Mobile interface will now properly show CC addresses for emails.
  • FIXED: Reply All will now function properly in the mobile interface.
  • FIXED: SmarterMail will no longer allow you to erroneously edit the profile of a mailing list or alias.
  • FIXED: Spool messages now properly indicate that they start off showing headers only.
  • FIXED: The blacklist, whitelist, SMTP Authentication Bypass, and trusted senders grids are now sorted.
  • FIXED: The inactive users report now displays users that have never logged in if they were created before the report cut off date.
  • FIXED: Using multiple skins for domains and the administrator interface now correctly caches the CSS information for each skin.

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