We Are Now Official SmarterTools Lease Partner

Today mark a significant milestone for our partnership with SmarterTools – we have been approved as an official Authorized SmarterTools Lease Partner on top of our existing Reseller Partner relationship with SmarterTools.

What does this ‘Lease’ partnership means? The Lease partnership will allow us to provide all SmarterTools licensing – SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats including all the premium add-on as a monthly subscriptions model.

What Are Some Of Key Benefits Of This Subscription Model :

  • A lower up-front cost for you as you only pay as low as $15/mo to start with.
  • Monthly subscriptions model – just like any of the cloud hosting subscriptions – there’s no minimum contract, you can cancel any time when you no longer needs the license, or upgrade to any edition by subscribing the higher packages.
  • Always Active Upgrade Protection – upgrade to any SmarterTools major release without the needs to renew your upgrade protection – as long as your subscription is active.
  • Ability to offer your potential client a longer trial period of any of SmarterTools products.
  • All premium add-on (ActiveSync, Cyren Antispam & Antivirus, EWS, SmarterTrack Communicator) can be subscribed as monthly subscription model.

We have updated our website to reflect the monthly subscription model aside from the perpetual own licensing. A full integration with SmarterTools has also been tested in our backend ordering system and you will get your SmarterTools lease license as soon as your payment has been captured successfully.

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