What’s New On SmarterTrack 11.x Release from May, June and June 2015 ?

SmarterTrack is an enterprise level of customer support helpdesk solution used widely by company to provide both internal and external customer support at a very affordable cost. Since the latest release of SmarterTrack 11x back on end of April, SmarterTools has continuously release bug fixes and new features add-on to this latest release.

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Here's some new release since the first major release notes out :

Version 11.1.5668 (2015-07-09)

Key Features
  • Frequently, agents may need to access tickets or other information in departments that they don't belong to in order to respond to customer inquiries. SmarterTrack 11.1 adds the ability for departments to be marked as having their contents visible to all agents. Agents can then find those items and see them in a read-only manner, when searching. Managers are allowed to modify any item found this way, while agents are allowed to add comments only.
  • Added: New Call Log from the user preview window now fills out the phone number.
  • Added: Setting in Email Settings to toggle removal of redundant embedded replies in emails.
  • Added: Tickets button in portal will now automatically redirect user to start a new ticket if "Display option to send ticket list by email in portal", and "Enable login form" options in brand settings are unchecked.
  • Changed: Minor text changes on the portal.
  • Fixed: Brand option "display option to send ticket list by email in portal" now functions properly.
  • Fixed: Comment box now resizes properly after submitting a comment in the community.
  • Fixed: Community Email settings will no longer show in the portal My Settings page if the Community is disabled.
  • Fixed: Searching for employee now works properly.
  • Fixed: Ticket reply window now appears properly on MySQL installations with case sensitive databases.
  • Fixed: Unused community tags will no longer appear in Sitemap file.
  • Fixed: Users with an apostrophe character in their name will no longer see an exception when Who's On is enabled.
  • Fixed: Web service call GetTicketTimeLogs now includes time logs without a category.
  • Fixed: When you add comments or modify a ticket it will now show in recent tickets even if you no longer own it.

Version 11.0.5661 (2015-07-02)

  • Changed: Web API svcOrganization CreateUser and CreateUser2 functions now automatically add the Everyone and Registered User roles.
  • Fixed: Accepted Chats now shows a value on the Outgoing Live Chat Performance Report.
  • Fixed: Auto-lock tickets will no longer force auto-close unless auto-close option is enabled.
  • Fixed: Create ticket from community thread will no longer pop up the ticket window twice.
  • Fixed: Firefox will no longer show two lines for every language in the portal.
  • Fixed: Live chats will now transfer properly when an event is set to transfer it.
  • Fixed: Logout now expires cookies for custom forms authentication domains properly.
  • Fixed: Reply to ticket window will now close properly in IE11.
  • Fixed: Sizing fixed in some popups.
  • Fixed: Use Browser Language in the management interface login now works correctly.

Version 11.0.5640 (2015-06-11)

  • Efficiency: Database query performance improved for installations with many live chats.
  • Efficiency: Significant performance increase on installations that have large amounts of groups and agents.
  • Fixed: Custom fields of type DateTime will now be saved properly when submitting tickets or editing existing ones.
  • Fixed: Email address field will no longer show twice on Submit Ticket page when a user with a verified email address is logged in and the custom template has another email address field.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with users being logged out.
  • Security: Additional authentication measures added to chat communication, transcripts and surveys.

Version 11.0.5637 (2015-06-08)

  • Added: Grids now support multi-selection on Apple Mac browsers by holding down the command key.
  • Changed: Broken link scanner now waits longer for a server response before considering a link broken.
  • Changed: Folder names in knowledge base articles are now more visually distinct from the article contents.
  • Changed: When adding a new brand, default business hours will now be filled in.
  • Fixed: A JavaScript error that could cause custom field values to not appear in the quick bar during chat was resolved.
  • Fixed: Custom live chat links that include departments outside of the brand determined by the host header will now show those departments correctly.
  • Fixed: Display name will no longer become double encoded when changed in the management interface.
  • Fixed: Editing a brand without department selection text will no longer throw a null reference exception.
  • Fixed: Login page now defaults to "Use Browser Language."
  • Fixed: Pager when searching in community now functions properly.
  • Fixed: POP and SMTP forms now properly trim leading and ending white space from fields.
  • Fixed: Roles without permission to modify news items will no longer be able to set the status of news items.
  • Fixed: Scroll bars now appear properly in Organization Members grid.
  • Fixed: System.PlatformNotSupportedException will no longer be thrown on page requests on some machines.
  • Fixed: Ticket and Chat pages will now be resized properly after user information external provider returns.

Version 11.0.5624 (2015-05-26)

  • Added: An option in Security settings for "Allow interface to be embedded in another site (not recommended)".
  • Added: New Action menu option under Tickets for Change Email Address.
  • Fixed: Checkbox settings in Brands > Permissions are now applied correctly.
  • Fixed: Checkbox settings in Brands > Portal Options are now applied correctly.
  • Fixed: Delivery delay notifications will no longer be treated as bounces.
  • Fixed: Department level business hours that inherit from brand settings now function as expected.
  • Fixed: Selecting a specific language when logging in, such as English (United Kingdom), will now apply properly.
  • Fixed: Upgraded installations will now have POP accounts defaulted to allow everyone to start tickets if permissions were not restricted previously.

Version 11.0.5619 (2015-05-21)

  • Added: Browser detection for Microsoft Edge.
  • Added: Event logging is now optional, and can be controlled through web.config's EnableEventSystemLogging setting.
  • Added: POP3 Log now records server responses.
  • Added: Task Scheduler thread can now be controlled in the Diagnostics settings page.
  • Added: Ticket Created event now has a Body Text condition.
  • Changed: Misconfigured event actions will no longer put large amounts of logs into the Events.log file.
  • Changed: Search indexer now includes words that are 3 characters long.
  • Efficiency: Chat grid is now significantly faster on larger installations.
  • Efficiency: Performance improvement when using external data providers for tickets.
  • Efficiency: Performance increased and queries reduced on community.
  • Efficiency: Reduced queries run for language dropdown in portal, as well as KB and News searching.
  • Efficiency: Reduced queries when checking user permissions.
  • Efficiency: Reduced query cost for ticket comments.
  • Efficiency: Search index updates are significantly faster on Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Fixed: "Last Updated" in chat wait page now operates off of client time instead of server time.
  • Fixed: After a ticket survey, close button will now work properly in Safari.
  • Fixed: An issue preventing Task Scheduler from starting in some cases was resolved.
  • Fixed: Button colors now display correctly in older versions of IE.
  • Fixed: Call Log reports will now show Avg. Session Length properly in MySQL.
  • Fixed: Cost estimate report will no longer show cost as a negative value on MySQL.
  • Fixed: Custom field types that are not available in event actions will no longer cause errant conditions to be added to those events.
  • Fixed: Deleting a KB folder that used to be referenced by a department's auto-responder will now function properly.
  • Fixed: Department can now be properly changed for tickets created from chat.
  • Fixed: Follow-up time for tickets will now properly follow agent's selected time zone.
  • Fixed: If a foreign key already exists, upgrade system will skip creating it.
  • Fixed: Organization buttons 'new' and 'delete' will no longer show if an agent doesn't have permission to see them.
  • Fixed: Organizational custom fields will now be properly hidden in event conditions where they do not apply.
  • Fixed: Replies to tickets from versions before 10.x in which the reply was embedded in the signature block now appear correctly.
  • Fixed: Search definition cache was getting reloaded too frequently.
  • Fixed: Searching the community now filters by categories or thread types, if selected.
  • Fixed: Sorting by Display Name in Chat now functions properly.
  • Fixed: When no one is active for chats and you force invite someone to chat. It will no longer send them to a "sorry we missed you" page.

Version 11.0.5603 (2015-05-05)

Key Features
  • Google reCAPTCHA is now a supported CAPTCHA option.
  • Added: Ability to automatically moderate Community posts from new users.
  • Added: CAPTCHA setting now affects adding new Community Threads.
  • Added: Ticket Created event now has a Body Text condition.
  • Added: Users can now be banned from posting in the community.
  • Changed: Search indexer now includes words that are 3 characters long.
  • Fixed: "Last Updated" in chat wait page now operates off of client time instead of server time.
  • Fixed: A possible null reference exception when upgrading has been resolved.
  • Fixed: An issue preventing Task Scheduler from starting in some cases was resolved.
  • Fixed: Brand settings for Enable Login Form and Enable New User Registration now function properly.
  • Fixed: If a user is not allowed to create new community threads, the message indicating such now appears in the proper location.
  • Fixed: Tickets page in portal now shows the correct time the ticket was created when user time zone is different from server time.
  • Fixed: User-level comments will no longer be double encoded.

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