June & July Latest SmarterMail 14x Release

Following the latest SmarterMail 14x release back on June by SmarterTools, SmarterTools has release few minor releases to catch up with some of the bug fixes and new features. If you are looking to upgrade to the latest release but not able to do so due to the expired of your existing SmarterMail upgrade protection, you can renew now with 10% discount savings or consider converting your license to monthly subscription that will entitle you free life time of upgrade protection.

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Here's some of the catch up of release notes. An important note about SmarterMail 14x which requires .Net 4.5 to be loaded on your server before the upgrade could be done. If you are running on Windows 2003, this upgrade is not possible until you would have migrate your SmarterMail install to either Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 (recommended).

Version 14.1.5675 (2015-07-16)

  • Added: Migrating contacts from google now import a larger set of contact fields including multiple email addresses.
  • Added: New mailing list variables to display current dates and times based on either the moderator, domain or servers time zone.
  • Added: Option in Account Settings to automatically mark messages filtered to the Junk E-mail folder as read.
  • Added: Private calendar events now function correctly for iOS devices that sync using CalDAV.
  • Added: System administrators now have an option to export a list of domains and their respective active status to a CSV file.
  • Changed: Queued mailbox migrations now import using multiple threads.
  • Changed: Variables for custom mailing list subscriber fields are now case insensitive.
  • Fixed: A scenario where an IMAP connection could get dropped when doing a Gmail migration has been resolved.
  • Fixed: A scenario where Samsung devices syncing with Exchange ActiveSync could continually re-sync a collection will no longer occur.
  • Fixed: All day appointments that span multiple days now show correctly in the mobile interface.
  • Fixed: Calendar events for certain types of time zones now sync times correctly when using Outlook 2013 and Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: Calendar events that are at midnight in UTC time now display on the correct day in webmail and also sync to the correct date using SharePoint sync.
  • Fixed: Secondary calendars can now be deleted successfully for accounts using a non-English language.
  • Fixed: Selecting all contacts or tasks and then deselecting some items now functions correctly when deleting from those collections.
  • Fixed: Sending a message that exceeds the domain mesage size limit when using version 14.0 of Exchange ActiveSync now returns the correct response.
  • Fixed: Syncing iOS devices using CalDAV will no longer create a new user calendar for each task.
  • Fixed: The drag and drop functionality of email in web mail is now disabled when the folder list is collapsed.
  • Fixed: The Message Sniffer engine is now shut down properly when the SmarterMail service is stopped.
  • Fixed: The MSI installer now includes all of the required files needed to run ClamAV.
  • Fixed: Users with certain foreign (non-English) languages set as Internet Explorer default language can now view existing or create new calendar events without JavaScript errors.

Version 14.0.5661 (2015-07-02)

  • Added: Calendar colors can now be changed from clients using Exchange Web Services.
  • Added: Calendar events can now be marked as private.
  • Added: Calendars can now be created, removed and renamed using CalDAV clients that support those operations.
  • Added: Calendars can now be created, removed and renamed using Exchange Web Service clients that support those operations.
  • Added: Domain location settings can now be set using the API.
  • Added: Multiple personal calendars are now supported in the mobile interface.
  • Added: Partial support for clients that require the Exchange 2010 SP2 version of Exchange Web Services. Push operations are not currently supported.
  • Added: The automatic notification email for when an account has exceeded it's size limit can now be customized.
  • Added: The SmarterMail Self Diagnostics page now shows the servers default encoding.
  • Changed: RSS Feed items can now be edited via the right click context menu.
  • Changed: The mobile interface titles now show the specific folder or collection the user is in.
  • Fixed: A scenario where an all-day event spanning multiple days could show a day earlier in webmail.
  • Fixed: Adding contacts with eM Client syncing with Exchange Web Services now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Calendar events now show correct times in the mobile interface.
  • Fixed: Exporting contacts to a CSV file no longer adds an extra empty field to the item rows which could cause issues when importing that file.
  • Fixed: Mailing list moderators that are not domain administrators can now access their mailing lists.
  • Fixed: My Today event links now properly open the event details window.
  • Fixed: Tasks now sync correctly with eM Client when using Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: The Global Address List now syncs correctly using Sharepoint syncing.
  • Fixed: The mobile interface now shows the email messages times in the user's time zone.
  • Fixed: The web interface no longer needs to be refreshed to function properly after activating a new license.
  • Fixed: Users are no longer able to add an appointment to a shared read-only calendar using the mobile interface.
  • Fixed: Using the select all action on contacts now selects the correct subset of contacts when a category filter is applied.

Version 14.0.5647 (2015-06-18)

  • Added: A user can now set which calendar is the default to use when creating new appointments.
  • Added: Calendar events can now be moved between personal calendars.
  • Added: User availability now includes all calendars in the users account.
  • Changed: The background task to delete stray files generated for web mail operations now only runs between 1 and 2 AM.
  • Fixed: An event cancellation email now displays correctly in webmail.
  • Fixed: Availability times displayed in webmail are now correct.
  • Fixed: Domains with login page customizations now function correctly when the webmail url contains one or more prefixes before the domain name.
  • Fixed: Downloading all attachments from webmail when one of the attachments is winmail.dat now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: iOS devices now sync correctly using CalDAV.
  • Fixed: Meeting requests synced to iOS devices using Exchange ActiveSync now display the correct start and end dates.
  • Fixed: Reminder alerts now sync properly using Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: The Login Display Customization feature is now checked or unchecked according to the domain default settings when adding a new domain.
  • Removed: Securite is no longer included as a default server for Clam definitions as it now requires authentication.

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