SmarterMail 14.x Beta Is Now Live – Download For Free

SmarterMail 14.x Beta is now officially available for download from SmarterTools website. As this is a an early release of  the beta version, it’s not recommended to be installed on any production environment. It’s best to run on any sandbox environment to try out the new features and feedback to SmarterTools for any bugs or enhancement that is positive for them to improve this release before it goes live on earlier of June 2015.

If you have an existing SmarterMail upgrade protection renewal subscription which is Active right now by it’s stable release announcement on earlier of June 2015, you will be entitle to upgrade to version 14.x at zero cost. Otherwise, renew your SmarterMail upgrade protection at 10% discount from our store.

Here’s some quick release notes on this beta..

  • ADDED: System administrators can now add customized HTML and change the login header text through settings on the General Settings page.  They may also allow domain administrators to override these
  • customizations.
  • ADDED: Multiple calendars can now be added to a single account.
  • ADDED: Multiple calendars can now be viewed together in a combined view which color codes events from the different calendars.
  • ADDED: Domain conference rooms can now be selected to view on the calendar page.
  • ADDED: Dropbox is now available as a connected service allowing links to Dropbox files in email messages.
  • ADDED: Microsoft OneDrive is now available as a connected service allowing links to OneDrive files in email messages.
  • ADDED: Message Sniffer is now an add-on option for anti-spam and is automatically available for the duration of the beta.  Licensing and pricing details continue to be worked out.
  • ADDED: System administrators can now customize the messages sent for certain automated emails.  For the initial BETA it just supports the messages sent out to users for expiring passwords or password violations, but we will add more during the BETA.
  • ADDED: Unsubscribe links for mailing lists can now be given friendly text instead of just displaying the unsubscribe URL.
  • ADDED: Tasks can now be imported from Gmail.
  • ADDED: A temporary address can now be generated by users with a short life span that operates as an alias to their account.  This is to allow sign ups to external services without giving out the account’s real email address.
  • ADDED: IMAP authentication now supports Cram-MD5.
  • ADDED: SMTP Accounts has been added to the features tab in domain settings allowing them to be enabled or disabled per domain.
  • CHANGED: Content filtering now decodes base64 and quoted-printable encoded text parts in email messages before applying filters.
  • CHANGED: Deleting email folders in either an email client or webmail will now have their associated folder on disk removed as well.  Orphaned folders from earlier releases of SmarterMail will be cleaned up automatically.
  • CHANGED: Blocked senders will now block on the From address in the header of the message, in addition to the Mail From address given in the SMTP session.  Previously it only blocked on the Mail From address of the SMTP session.
  • CHANGED: Improved the ClamAV definitions update process, including 64 bit support and ClamSup.
  • CHANGED: Requires Microsoft .NET 4.5.
  • FIXED: IMAP search now handles search commands with multiple levels of parenthesized lists correctly.
  • ADDED: Contacts and Notes now allow multiple collections to be viewd at the same time.
  • FIXED: The action “Send VCard(s)” now functions correctly for the the Global Address List.
  • FIXED: Personalization settings now function as expected.
  • FIXED: Removed the “Pizza…” graph from the reports.
  • CHANGED: Improved how the Message Sniffer database is updated to be more efficient and reliable.

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