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SmarterMail Holiday Give Away – Freebies Take Away Up To $1900

** This Promotion Has Been Ended, Please contact us at or find us through live chat to obtain a special quote.

Yep, you read it right! Starting from today until 5th January 2012, on top of the 10% discount of every purchase of new SmarterMail Enterprise license or upgrade of your SmarterMail Professional to Enterprise, we will also be giving away SmarterMail Premium Add-On including Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Commtouch Antivirus and Antispam which worth $1900 in total at ZERO COST to you! Plus, you will also receive ONE YEAR FREE SSL certificate from us with every new purchase of SmarterMail Enterprise license.

How Does this Premium Add-on Helps You?

The combination of these add-ons will provide more features and functionality for your users while increasing the security and performance of your SmarterMail mail server.

Commtouch Antispam and Antivirus

Using a patented Recurrent Pattern Detection system, Commtouch Premium Antispam actively analyzes large volumes of Internet traffic in real time, recognizing and protecting your mail severs against new spam threats the moment they emerge and taking your spam protection to over 99%. Commtouch Zero Hour Antivirus offers a new level of security for mail servers by actively scanning the Internet and identifying malware outbreaks as soon as they emergem thereby providing proactive virus blocking that is effective, immediate and signature-independent.

Email Malware OutbreakThrough the Commtouch Trend Report 2011 October, Q3 2011 saw a major shift in malware activity. After steadily declining the past several years, malware email made a massive return during the quarter. As can be seen in the graph above, Commtouch Labs registered malware email outbreaks reaching 25 billion messages in a single day in August. Throughout August and early September, average daily email malware was up 400%, with multiple variants of Sasfis, SpyEye, Zeus, fake AV.

By activating Commtouch Premium Antispam and Antivirus on your SmarterMail mail server, your users mailbox will be protected in real time for any kind of malware or antivirus out-break without any worries!

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Starting from SmarterMail 6, Smartertools bring in Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) which is the technology only available at Microsoft Exchange Mail Server into the core functionality of the mail server with at a very affordable rate. Exchange ActiveSync offers push technology for instant, 2-way syncing of calendars, contacts, tasks and notes that allow users to access their mailboxes from anywhere using any mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone or iPad, Android tablet or smartphone and Windows Phones.

FREE SSL Certificate

We also give away one year of FREE SSL Certificate for every purchase of new SmarterMail Enterprise mail server license. You may use the SSL certificate to provide secure connection for both WebMail and mail client connection to your SmarterMail mail server which further improve the security of your mail server on top of the addition of the premium add-on as above. Free SSL Certificate for Smartermail Enterprise license purchase is only applicable through Tweakservers, you will not be able to get the same offer from any other providers nor SmarterTools!

Wait…. How about SmarterMail 9.x?

SmarterMail 9.x beta which is released for beta testing currently, once it’s fully released as public stable version, you will get to upgrade to SmarterMail 9.x at ZERO COST, plus any other upgrades that occur within the 12-month of active upgrade protection period for new license.

How Do I Get It?

Though the promotions ended at 5 Jan 2012, we are extremely at a very tight quotas available for this give away on Exchange ActiveSync, Commtouch Antivirus & Antispam. Don’t Miss It! Just purchase any choice of your SmarterMail edition and we will activate the premium add-ons for your license key manually.

MailboxesSmarterTools Price Per YearOur Price Per Year
50 Mailboxes$300$270
250 Mailboxes$375$337
500 Mailboxes$525$472
1000 Mailboxes$725$652
2000 Mailboxes$850$765
Unlimited Mailboxes$1025$922

*Disclaimer: Offer valid on new purchases of a current SmarterMail Enterprise Edition, 250 or more mailboxes or an upgrade of SmarterMail Professional Edition to a current SmarterMail Enterprise Edition, 250 or more mailboxes only. Maximum offer value is based on purchasing SmarterMail 8.x Enterprise Edition with unlimited mailboxes and comparable licenses for Exchange ActiveSync (100 mailboxes), Commtouch Premium Antispam (unlimited mailboxes) and Commtouch Zero-hour Antivirus (unlimited mailboxes). All free add-on licenses expire 12 months form the date of purchase. For existing customers upgrading to SmarterMail Enterprise, free add-on licenses correspond with existing upgrade protection, so eligible customers will receive free add-on licenses for the reminder of their upgrade protection term (up to 12 months). No other license modifications or upgrades are eligible for these offers. Offers are not valid on hosted service subscriptions, add-on purchases, upgrade protection renewals or with any other discounts or promotional offers. Offers and availability are subject to the quantity of licenses on hand and expires January 5, 2012.

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