SmarterMail 9.x Beta Coming Soon

Weeks back, we wrote about some sneak peak of SmarterMail 9.x beta with some of the new features is going to introduce by SmarterTools. Last Friday, SmarterTools has officially announced at their blog that the official beta release of SmarterMail 9.x is going to be available for public download at this coming Thursday 27, oct 2011! Let’s have another review on the excitement features of SmarterMail 9.x :

Interface Speed Enhancement and Mobility

SmarterMail Speed EnhancementAre you ready for an incredibly powerful and fast web interface that can be used across desktops and tablets (including iPad and Android)?  Now you have it! With SmarterMail 9.x, we have optimized the web interface for even the slowest of tablets while making it “XOOM” on desktops.  We believe users deserve the full SmarterMail experience across all platforms, whether your using a mouse or a touch interface.

SmarterMail and Exchange Outlook

Outlook Exchange Web Service Smartermail SmarterMail 9.x is one of the only mail servers (including Microsoft Exchange) to support Exchange Web Services (EWS).  EWS is Microsoft’s new technology allowing Microsoft Outlook to connect natively and seamlessly with a mail server.  Currently, Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac supports EWS and the upcoming Microsoft Outlook 2012 for Windows will support it as well.  EWS is intended to replace the old and antiquated MAPI technology, allowing for much faster communication and access to the latest technologies, and joins the existing methods already provided for connecting Microsoft Outlook and SmarterMail together!

More Sync Friendly

Ice Cream Sandwich, iOS 5, Mango, Lion and more!  The industry is ever evolving and so is SmarterMail as it continues to focus on improvements in supporting the latest technologies.  Whether you or a user wants to try a new mobile phone, tablet or OS you can be assured SmarterMail will meet your needs.

Simpler and Smoother Installation and Setup!

Although SmarterMail is one of the easiest and more lightweight mail servers on the market, we have not stopped improving the process to get new servers installed and setup!   SmarterMail 9.x introduces an updated getting started wizard with multiple walkthrough videos to help simplify the process.

Email is Good! Instant Messaging is GREAT!

SmarterMail Instant MessengerNo matter the size of an organization, the ability to communicate securely and instantly is crucial.  SmarterMail 9.x integrates an Instant Messenger seamlessly without any additional configuration.  Whether you’re logged into the Web Interface or would like to use a Jabber client on your desktop, tablet or mobile device, communicating with other users in your organization is great!

That’s It? Nope – There’s More!

SmarterMail 9.x includes lots of features and enhancement other than those specified above, here’s some more sneak peak!

  • Outgoing Mail Quarantine – messages flagged as spam or as a virus can now be quarantined for review to better understand why they were blocked and who was blocked.
  • Appointment Conflict Notification – when making appointments from Web mail, SmarterMail automatically notifies you of conflicts between your attendees.
  • Administrative logging – all system and domain setting changes are now logged for auditing purposes.
  • Sender Match to Authenticated Address – a heavily requested feature to require the authenticated email address also be the email address used as the sender’s “From” address. 
  • APS Integration – SmarterTools is now providing APS packages for Parallels’ control panels for more comprehensive integration
  • Web Services – additional web services have been made available to further automate the provisioning and configuration of SmarterMail
  • Reserved Domains– protect users from choosing domains that are already reserved or being used by others
  • MSI Installer – SmarterMail 9.x now provides a simple installer for automated installations and provisioning

Getting SmarterMail 9.x

SmarterTools usually will have the beta release runs for 45 days before it’s being announced as public stable release. Purchasing a new SmarterMail license right now will entitle you to upgrade to SmarterMail 9.x when it’s officially released at ZERO cost! If you currently owned a SmarterMail license but does not have an active upgrade protection, renew with us now with 10% discount in order to upgrade to SmarterMail 9.x

[tab: New License]

Select the edition you wish to purchase and complete the payment process. We have integrated our system with SmarterTools API and  you will receive your SmarterMail license key within 10 minutes through our automation process upon successful payment.

SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 2 Agents$200$180
Professional 5 Agents$325$292
Professional 10 Agents$600$540
Enterprise 5 Agents$450$405
Enterprise 10 Agents$700$630
Enterprise 15 Agents$975$877
Enterprise 25 Agents$1300$1170
Enterprise 50 Agents$2050$1845
Enterprise 100 Agents$2700$2430
Enterprise 200 Agents$3350$3015
Enterprise 300 Agents$4000$3600
Enterprise 400 Agents$4350$3915
Enterprise 500 Agents$4650$4185
[tab: Renewal Protection]

Upgrade Protection Renewal

You can renew your SmarterMail upgrade protection up to 60 days before the expiry date based on the “Renew” price listed below. If you do not have an existing upgrade protection, you are not qualify for the discount provided.

Reinstate Expired Upgrade Protection

If your upgrade protection has expired, you will need to reinstate the upgrade protection by purchasing the “Renew EXPIRED” price listed below.

All SmarterMail upgrades will be processed manually and your license key will be upgraded within 1 business day.

SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 50 Sites$420$378
Professional 250 Sites$620$558
Professional 1000 Sites$1120$1008
Professional 2500 Sites$2000$1800
Enterprise 50 Sites$620$558
Enterprise 250 Sites$1120$1008
Enterprise 1000 Sites$1760$1584
Enterprise 2500 Sites$2480$2232
Enterprise 5000 Sites$3280$2952
Enterprise 10000 Sites$5400$4860
Enterprise 20000 Sites$9400$8460
Enterprise 30000 Sites$10600$9540

* Please provide your existing SmarterMail License key during check out to reduce your upgrade wait time.

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