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What's New in SmarterMail 9 What’s New In SmarterMail 9.x ?


The beta of SmarterMail 9.x has been running for about 2.5 months since Oct 2011. Through the extensive testing and feedback by the Smartertools users, SmarterTools has gathered all the feedback through their community beta forum and make further enhancement and features tuning to SmarterMail 9.x. On 13 Jan 2012, SmarterTools has announced the public stable release of SmarterMail 9.x. Get more in depth details of full SmarterMail 9.x change log.

Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade to SmarterMail 9.x

Improved Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail

SmarterMail 9.x includes support for Exchange Web Services, a newer data synchronization protocol that will eventually replace the outdated MAPI protocol, as Exchange Web Services allows for faster communication between an email client and the mail server. Available as an optional add-on at the server level, Exchange Web Services seamlessly syncs SmarterMail messages, contacts, calendars and tasks to third-party email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac, Outlook 2012 for Windows and Apple Mail on Snow Leopard and Lion.

Instant Messaging

Allow users to chat with other users on the same domain with SmarterMail’s built-in instant messaging server. Whether they use webmail or another XMPP-supported IM client to communicate, a user’s chat history is archived and searchable, so it complies with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Interface Enhancements for Mobile Devices

SmarterMail 9.x improves the user experience when accessing the Web interface from any tablet computer or smartphone. Page speed is significantly increased and all features of SmarterMail are fully compatible with touch screens, so users can access their messages, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes from anywhere on an Apple, Android or Windows mobile device.

SMTP Authentication for Outgoing Messages

Decrease the likelihood that your users’ messages are flagged as spam with SMTP authentication. Validating users’ “From” addresses against their SMTP authentication credentials lets other servers know the message is from a valid user.

Outgoing Spam Quarantine

System administrators can quarantine outgoing messages that have been flagged as spam by SmarterMail’s spam checks. Quarantining such messages allows administrators to investigate why certain messages are blocked as spam and make appropriate adjustments, if necessary. In addition, system administrators can easily resend any outgoing messages that should not have been quarantined.

Outgoing Virus Quarantine

System administrators can quarantine outgoing messages that have been flagged as containing viruses by SmarterMail’s ClamAV or the Commtouch Zero-hour Antivirus add-on. Quarantining such messages allows administrators to investigate false positives and make appropriate adjustments or notify the developer of the virus scanner, if necessary.

Administrative Enhancements

SmarterMail 9.x includes additional administrative enhancements such as webmail logging for domain and system administrators, new Web services and an MSI installer for automated installations.

Save 10% Discount for New, Upgrade & Renewal Protection

Get your SmarterMail 9.x license right now with 10% discount for new, upgrade and active protection renewal. We also offer custom quote for bulk license purchase and active upgrade protection. Just contact us at for a quote.

[tab: New License]

Select the edition you wish to purchase and complete the payment process. We have integrated our system with SmarterTools API and  you will receive your SmarterMail license key within 10 minutes through our automation process upon successful payment.

SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 2 Agents$200$180
Professional 5 Agents$325$292
Professional 10 Agents$600$540
Enterprise 5 Agents$450$405
Enterprise 10 Agents$700$630
Enterprise 15 Agents$975$877
Enterprise 25 Agents$1300$1170
Enterprise 50 Agents$2050$1845
Enterprise 100 Agents$2700$2430
Enterprise 200 Agents$3350$3015
Enterprise 300 Agents$4000$3600
Enterprise 400 Agents$4350$3915
Enterprise 500 Agents$4650$4185
[tab: Exchange ActiveSync]

Pricing for the SmarterMail Exchange ActiveSync add-ons are based on a yearly licensing structure similar to the product licensing levels. This allows organizations to purchase more SmarterMail Exchange ActiveSync mailboxes as your company grows by paying the pro-rated difference between levels.

In order to purchase SmarterMail Exchange ActiveSync Add-ons, you will need to make sure:

  1. Your existing SmarterMail license key is still under valid upgrade protection
  2. You are running SmarterMail Enterprise edition.

All upgrades will be processed manually and your license key will be upgraded within 1 business day.

SmarterTrack HelpdeskSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 2 Agents$320$288
Professional 5 Agents$520$468
Professional 10 Agents$960$864
Enterprise 5 Agents$720$648
Enterprise 10 Agents$1120$1008
Enterprise 15 Agents$1560$1404
Enterprise 25 Agents$2080$1872
Enterprise 50 Agents$3280$2952
Enterprise 100 Agents$4320$3888
Enterprise 200 Agents$5360$4824
Enterprise 300 Agents$6400$5760
Enterprise 400 Agents$6960$6264
Enterprise 500 Agents$7440$6696
Enterprise 600 Agents$8000$7200
Enterprise 700 Agents$8400$7560
Enterprise 800 Agents$8800$7920
Enterprise Unlimited Agents$12800$7920
[tab: Commtouch Antispam]

Commtouch Premium Antispam add-on can only be purchased with the following requirements:

  1. SmarterMail licenses with valid upgrade protection
  2. It works with both Smartermail Professional & Enterprise edition.
  3. You cannot purchase less Commtouch mailboxes than your SmarterMail server supports or in other words; the number of mailboxes for Commtouch Antispam must match your SmarterMail installation license key.

All upgrades will be processed manually and your license key will be upgraded within 1 business day.

SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 50 Sites$525$472
Professional 250 Sites$775$697
Professional 1000 Sites$1400$1260
Professional 2500 Sites$2500$2250
Enterprise 50 Sites$775$697
Enterprise 250 Sites$1400$1260
Enterprise 1000 Sites$2200$1980
Enterprise 2500 Sites$3100$2790
Enterprise 5000 Sites$4100$3690
Enterprise 10000 Sites$6750$6075
Enterprise 20000 Sites$11750$10575
Enterprise 30000 Sites$13250$11925
[tab: Upgrade]

Upgrading your SmarterMail will not extend the coverage of Upgrade Protection or reinstate any expired Upgrade Protection.

All upgrades will be processed manually and your license key will be upgraded within 1 business day.

SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 50 Sites$262$236
Professional 250 Sites$387$348
Professional 1000 Sites$700$630
Professional 2500 Sites1250$1125
Enterprise 50 Sites$387$348
Enterprise 250 Sites$700$630
Enterprise 1000 Sites$1100$990
Enterprise 2500 Sites$1550$1395
Enterprise 5000 Sites$2050$1845
Enterprise 10000 Sites$3375$3038
Enterprise 20000 Sites$5875$5288
Enterprise 30000 Sites$6625$5962
[tab: Renewal Protection]

Upgrade Protection Renewal

You can renew your SmarterMail upgrade protection up to 60 days before the expiry date based on the “Renew” price listed below. If you do not have an existing upgrade protection, you are not qualify for the discount provided.

Reinstate Expired Upgrade Protection

If your upgrade protection has expired, you will need to reinstate the upgrade protection by purchasing the “Renew EXPIRED” price listed below.

All SmarterMail upgrades will be processed manually and your license key will be upgraded within 1 business day.

SmarterStats AnalyticsSmarterTools PriceOur Price
Professional 50 Sites$420$378
Professional 250 Sites$620$558
Professional 1000 Sites$1120$1008
Professional 2500 Sites$2000$1800
Enterprise 50 Sites$620$558
Enterprise 250 Sites$1120$1008
Enterprise 1000 Sites$1760$1584
Enterprise 2500 Sites$2480$2232
Enterprise 5000 Sites$3280$2952
Enterprise 10000 Sites$5400$4860
Enterprise 20000 Sites$9400$8460
Enterprise 30000 Sites$10600$9540

* Please provide your existing SmarterMail License key during check out to reduce your upgrade wait time.

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