SmarterMail 12.3.5308 Minor Patch Release

A minor release version of the famous Windows Mail Server SmarterMail has been released by SmarterTools today that addresses a couple of bugs that’s been reported on the community forum. For user who hold an active upgrade protection for their SmarterMail license, you can now download the latest release from SmarterMail download server and apply the patch. If you are not on the latest edition and encountering any of the bugs below, upgrade or renew your upgrade protection with promotion discount with Tweakservers.

  • ADDED: New Flex Billing licensing option for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Add-On for large ISPs and hosting providers.
  • FIXED: A message parsing error that could cause an invalid IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE response for a badly formatted message header.
  • FIXED: A scenario where a POP retrieval session over SSL could stall.
  • FIXED: Changed the formatting of webmail messages to improve how inline images are displayed by various email clients.
  • FIXED: Fixed a permissions issue that prevented an account’s picture from being retrieved when linked to in an outgoing message’s signature.
  • FIXED: Migrating contacts from Exchange now checks for null values returned when querying for a contact’s email addresses, in order to prevent an error in webmail when viewing those contacts.
  • FIXED: Search results now show properly in iOS devices connected through EAS when the message is not already on the device.
  • FIXED: The IMAP ENVELOPE command response now correctly escapes quote characters when returning the subject value.
  • FIXED: The new admin username and password fields will no longer get auto-filled when adding or editing a domain using the Chrome browser.

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