Effective SmarterMail Inbox Management – Temporary Disposable Address

Occasionally, we landed on certain web pages (that we don’t browse very often) and there are super awesome deals that we would want to grab it. Majority of the time, to entitle for this deal, we will need to register for it and send in our email account. What happen is that unconsciously we have exposed our personal email account to the provider to allow them to send us their future offer as they have from time to time. It’s okay to do so if that’s something you would like to get the update from the deal provider (such as Groupon..etc). But what if for certain of the website that’s just for once and you do not want further emails received?

Introducing SmarterMail Temporary Address – “Disposable Address”

Smartermail Temporary Disposable Email


What Disposable Address means is that you create a temporary email address which is a set of randomly generated character with a validity of time frame. Upon the expiry of the time frame, this email account will no longer exist on your SmarterMail server / inbox and further email coming into your SmarterMail (making sure you have CatchAll disabled on your SmarterMail server), this email will be bounce and/or rejected. Further reducing any possible spam mails going into your inbox – helping you to be more productive with your Inbox management.

Creating a disposable address in SmarterMail is quick and very easy. The first step is to click on the Email icon from the left navigation and then click on the Actions menu in the navigation pane. The Actions dropdown will appear.

Next, click on the Disposable Address menu item and a modal window opens up that contains the 2 settings necessary for creating your temporary account: Selecting the folder where messages for the address should be delivered and the number of hours (between 1 and 24) that the address should be valid. You should have an email account as below and this will be the email account you can use for the deal site for temporary usage.

Smartermail Temporary Email Address

At any time, you can open the modal window from the Actions menu to extend the expiration timeframe for the address (by 4 hours at a time, max of 24 hours) or revoke it in its entirety.

Here’s some other usage that SmarterMail Temporary Disposable Address that could be meaningful for your inbox management :

  • Getting information from a car website, like TrueCar.com
  • Signing up for a trial of a product/service
  • Downloading a document or PDF
  • ‘Window shopping’ for items online
  • Obtaining in-game rewards in apps
  • Accessing article content on a news site
  • Getting an in-store receipt by email
  • Signing up for a webinar
  • Posting a message on a forum

SmarterMail Disposable Address is a feature available on from SmarterMail 15.x and above. If you are not on SmarterMail 15.x, you can schedule the upgrade of your SmarterMail server to the latest release with your Active Upgrade Protection. If your license would have expired for the upgrade protection, you will not be eligible for the upgrade until you have reinstate your SmarterMail upgrade protection. You can get 10% savings off by renewing / reinstating your SmarterMail upgrade protection from our store. Get your 10% off here.

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