What’s Happening to My Network?

“Why is my Internet browsing speed is so slow?” This is the common question that system administrator will almost get everyday in their support desk. To find out the actual cause behind is always a challenge by the system administrator. End-user terminal processing power (processor or disk), network core router or switchers faulty or misconfiguration, someone in the network is abusing the bandwidth through video streaming or file sharing or the lease line has reached the max capacity..etc may be one of the reasons behind.

System administrator need a network monitoring solution with integrated bandwidth monitoring such as Paessler PRTG Network Monitor as to provide a detail and accurate analysis. With PRTG Network Monitor, you will be able to see the data analyzed in table or graph format.

Why PRTG Network Monitor?

PRTG Network Monitor runs 24/7 on a Windows-based machine within your network, recording network usage parameters. Recorded data is stored in a database for historic reports. It also provides services monitoring such as POP3, SMTP, HTTP, Ping, FTP..etc, over 100 sensors available for you to monitor your network equipment service availability. Alert could be sent out via SMS, email or pager messages if any of the services are found to be not responsive or hit certain threshold.

Features of PRTG Network Monitor includes:

  • Quick Download, Installation and Configuration – A 60MB of installer which could be installed on all Windows XP or above within 3 minutes time.
  • Ease To Use – Full featured AJAX based web browser interface.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring – More than 100 sensors monitoring available.
  • Flexible Alerting – 10 notifications option available (SMS, Email, Pager, IM, syslog, SNMP trap..etc)
  • Failover Support – Gives you a 100% availability to monitor your network and services during any planned maintenance on the PRTG server.
  • In-depth Reporting – You can create report in HTML or PDF at any time you wish to have it.
  • Easy to Understand – Multi Language support available!

Benefit of Bandwidth Network Monitor

With PRTG Network Bandwidth Network monitor, system administrator will be able :

  1. Avoid bandwidth and server performance bottlenecks
  2. Diagnose what applications or servers that’s consuming the network bandwidth
  3. Delivery better service experience to end users by being proactive
  4. Reduce costs by buying bandwidth and hardware according to the actual usage.

PRTG Network Monitor provide a all-in-one monitoring software allowing system administrator to monitor bandwidth bottleneck, up time and response time in one single application interface. From just $340, PRTG Network Monitor 100 sensor is the perfect tool for the complete range of network monitoring tools compare to any other available in the market.

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