SmarterMail v10 Minor Release

SmarterTools announced minor release version of SmarterMail v10 on 09 July 2012 with some minor bug fixes. Upgrade to the latest version 10x by reinstate your SmarterMail license by savings 10% discount. Contact us for a quote today.

  • ADDED: Domain and user counts are now displayed in the header of the Domains grid.
  • FIXED: Adding or editing contacts in the mobile interface now include the home city field.
  • FIXED: Editing of folder auto clean rules for a domain now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Fixed an overlap issue with the attachments grid and the design / html tabs when composing a message using Internet Explorer 8.
  • FIXED: Fixed composing of messages in the mobile interface with certain messages signature configurations.
  • FIXED: Fixed issues involving certain types of character encodings in messages.
  • FIXED: Logging in as the SmarterMail administrator after upgrading to SmarterMail 10 with Plesk running on the same server now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Navigation to the calendar section and then to another section now properly re-expands the left slide panel.
  • FIXED: Note in the mobile interface now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: The attachments list is now displayed in the compose window when forwarding a message with attachments.

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