It’s Here! The New SmarterMail v10

We spoke about the beta of SmarterMail v10 about a month back and seeing so much good response and feedback from the existing SmarterMail lover at SmarterTools support forum on the beta, SmarterTools officially announced the SmarterMail v10 has goes into the stable release. Let’s recap what new features was introduce in SmarterMail v10 during the beta. Full details change log of SmarterMail is also available in SmarterMail Online Help.

Protection from Downtime with Failover

Mail servers have become the hub of communication for both individuals and organizations. With failover functionality, a hot standby can be put in place as a safeguard against downtime and to ensure the integrity and reliability of all communication. SmarterMail Enterprise licensing and the End User Licensing Agreement now include the ability to have a secondary mail server in standby mode at no additional cost.

New Mobile Interface for Smartphones

A light, yet fully-functional interface created exclusively for smartphones that makes managing email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes on Android, iPhones and Windows phones easier than ever. The new mobile interface is perfect for times when you can’t use a mobile email client, like when you need to check your schedule on a colleague’s iPhone or want to check your email on your spouse’s Galaxy II.

Support for Multiple Contact Email Addresses

Expanding on SmarterMail’s already robust contact management tools, users can now add additional email addresses for every contact in their address book. These additional contact email addresses will even sync across multiple devices when using technologies such as SyncML, Microsoft ActiveSync, SharepointSync, Exchange Web Services and others.

Support for Auto-Discovery

Auto-discovery means that only an email address and password are needed to configure new accounts on most desktop clients and mobile devices that use IMAP, SMTP, POP, Exchange Web Services and Microsoft ActiveSync. Using just these two pieces of information, all other configuration settings are automatically configured, making it easier for users to set up their own accounts and dramatically reducing the amount of administration and support needed from a company’s IT department.

Outlook Availability Checking

Users who sync their mailboxes with Outlook 2011 for Mac via Exchange Web Services as well as those who eventually move to the next versions of Outlook for Windows that supports EWScan now check the availability of meeting attendees right from within the Outlook interface using Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant. That means users will never double-book appointments and that they’ll always be able to see who’s available and when.

Conference Room Scheduling

Just like with Microsoft Exchange, it is now possible to set up conference room resources that can be shared across an organization. This allows users to schedule time in conference rooms and means they no longer need to manage separate documents or calendars for conference room availability. In addition, users can see conference room availability and conflicts when setting up appointments just as they see attendee conflicts and availability.

Support for Remote Wipe of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are used more and more, both personally and professionally. That means they end up storing vast amounts of critical information, including contact information, bank account information and even personal and professional documents. Therefore, a lost or stolen mobile device can mean disaster for the device owner. System administrators now have the ability to reset any mobile device that is synced with SmarterMail back to factory default settings. This can be done quickly, easily and securely, from anywhere at any time, right from the webmail interface.

For existing SmarterMail holder who has an active upgrade protection on their license key, your license key should have been automatically upgraded to run in v10 environment – SmarterTools would have sent you a notification on this following the same day on the stable release. If you do not, that would means your upgrade protection for your license would might have been expired and therefore you would not be able to upgrade to v10 unless you reinstate your SmarterMail license key. We could help you to reinstate your license key with 10% discount of SmarterTools RRP price.

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