SmarterMail v10 Beta Released

SmarterMail v9 was released as public stable release back on Jan 2012. With the non-stop continuous effort by SmarterTools, SmarterMail v10 has been released for public beta testing as a step forward.

Protection from downtime with failover

SmarterMail Fail OverA very long-awaited feature for SmarterMail has been failover. Since mail servers have become the hub of all communication and collaboration within a company, any interruption in service can significantly impact an individual’s, not to mention an entire company’s, productivity. Protect your mail server from experiencing such an outage by having a second server as a hot standby. SmarterMail Enterprise licensing and the EULA will now include the ability to have a secondary mail server in standby mode at not additional cost.

Multiple contact email addresses

SmarterMail 10.x expands its contact management to include support for friends, family and business associates who have more than one email address. For example, include both a work and a personal address so that you can keep your personal emails separate from their work emails, and vice versa. You can even sync these multiple contact addresses across multiple devices using technologies such as SyncML, Microsoft ActiveSync, SharepointSync, Exchange Web Services and others.

Mobile interface for smartphones

SmarterMail Mobile Interface

While it’s true that you can use your phone’s email client or calendar app to view your inbox and check you daily schedule, there are times when that’s not always possible. For example, you’re at lunch with a friend and don’t have your phone and you need to check your schedule to make sure you’re not late for any appointments. To solve this problem, we’ve created a simple, yet effective, mobile interface just for smartphone users. Managing email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes on Android, iPhone and Windows Phones via the mobile interface is hassle-free and easier than ever.

Simple set up with auto-discovery

With SmarterMail 10.x, we’re making every effort to reduce the amount of time necessary to configure clients on both desktop and mobile devices using IMAP, SMTP, POP, Exchange ActiveSync or Exchange Web Services. With auto-discovery, only the email address and password are necessary on most clients and all other configuration information is automatically configured. Auto-discovery will make life much easier for users setting up their own accounts and will dramatically decrease the amount of administration and support needed from a company’s IT Department.

Availability checking in Outlook for Mac

Users who sync their mailboxes with Outlook 2011 for Mac via Exchange Web Services (and who eventually move to the next versions of Outlook for SmarterMail Room Availability CheckingWindows that will support EWS) can now check the availability of meeting attendees right from within the Outlook interface. Using the Scheduling Assistant from within Outlook means that you will never double-book appointments again and that you’ll always be able to see who’s available when you need them.

Lost a Phone? Worried about personal data? Remotely Wipe!

Mobile devices are used for nearly all aspects of our personal and professional lives so they end up storing vast amounts of critical information: contacts, bank account information and even personal or business documents. Now more than ever the ability to remotelywipe a lost or stolen mobile device is critical to prevent your personal data falling into someone else’s hands. SmarterMail 10.x now provides this functionality so that system administrators can now quickly, easily and securely wipe a mobile device from anywhere, at any time, using the SmarterMail 10.x Web interface. Best of all, while the mobile device will be set to factory defaults, all personal information with still be in SmarterMail and can be re-synced to the recovered or even a new device.

Conference Room Scheduling

An important feature in Microsoft Exchange is the ability to schedule time in conference rooms, and many customers have asked for this feature to be included in SmarterMail. We’re pleased to announce that SmarterMail 10.x now includes this functionality and eliminates the need to manage separate documents or calendars for conference room availability.

Plus, Other features :

  • 8-bit MIME support.
  • Support for ActiveSync 14.1 which includes the ability to determine if a message has been replied to or forwarded from your mobile device.
  • SRS support so forwarded emails are not erroneously marked as spam.
  • A system-level event to notify administrators when disk space is low on the server.
  • A blocked recipient list for outgoing SMTP messages.
  • Multiple interface changes to increase the speed and responsiveness on both desktops and tablets.
  • Various other fixes and improvements to the overall performance and reliability of SmarterMail.

How To Get Your Beta Free Trials

Simply visit SmarterMail v10 Forum to access on getting the download link and latest update on the beta information.

Free Upgrades to SmarterMail v10

Purchase any new SmarterMail license or Reinstate your current SmarterMail Upgrade Protection with us today with 10% discount and you would be eligible to upgrade to SmarterMail v10 for FREE upon it’s public stable release! Receive also FREE SSL Certificate for any new SmarterMail Enterprise edition license that you are getting that you could use it to secure your WebMail and SSL connection.

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