SmarterMail 8.1.4170 Released

SmarterTools has announced the public minor released of SmarterMail 8.1.4170 at 2nd June 2011 with the following bugs fixes:

  • ADDED: IMAP migration now imports deleted and seen flags from messages.
  • CHANGED: IMAP migration no longer marks all of the source mailbox messages as read.
  • FIXED: Composing messages in Internet Explorer 9 now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Exceptions that may occur in a thread that is launched while SmarterMail is indexing users are now logged properly.
  • FIXED: IMAP copies from a folder to the same folder are no longer allowed.
  • FIXED: IMAP migration now creates sub-folders properly when importing from mail servers that use a different folder delimiter than SmarterMail.
  • FIXED: Messages can now be deleted from the advanced search grid.
  • FIXED: Messages not found in a .grp file are now ignored during search queries.
  • FIXED: Searching for domains that have domain aliases now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: SmarterMail now handles calendar items whose recurrence rule is set to yearly but does not specify the months or days the rule is valid for.
  • FIXED: The delete confirmation now displays the correct number of items in the spool selected for deletion.
  • FIXED: The svcGetUserQuotas function, under the svcUserAdmin Web service, now returns the correct max disk space for users.
  • FIXED: Webmail searches by users that are not yet indexed now return no search results instead of displaying an error.

This release addresses several security issues and, as a result, users are highly encouraged to install this update.

SmarterTools user who has an active SmarterMail Upgrade Protection can apply this update without any charges. If you are not running an expired SmarterMail Upgrade Protection, you may purchase the SmarterMail Upgrade Protection at 10% discount from our website.

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