SmarterMail 8.2.4212 Released

SmarterTools has announced the public minor released of SmarterMail 8.2.4212 at 2nd June 2011 with the following bugs fixes:

  • ADDED: The value for the time in spool field on the Spool page is now retained when the SmarterMail service is restarted.
  • CHANGED: To improve usability, spooled messages whose .eml file was removed manually now show as a size of 0 KB instead of 1 KB.
  • EFFICIENCY: Improved the regular expression used to extract hostnames from a message during spam checks, resulting in decreased CPU usage when analyzing specific types of messages.
  • FIXED: Adding multiple entries to the global trusted senders list now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Changes made to message flags while viewing search results in webmail are now reflected immediately.
  • FIXED: Dates are now formatted in the user’s local date format when scrolling through messages in webmail.
  • FIXED: Dates entered in contact and calendar items are now saved in the user’s local date format.
  • FIXED: Downloading log files with Google Chrome now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where a specific type of spooled message caused an OutOfMemory exception during spam checks.
  • FIXED: Forwarding messages in webmail using the actions menu now functions as expected in folders containing Unicode characters.
  • FIXED: If a user tries to attach a 0-byte file to a message, SmarterMail no longer tries to upload the file.
  • FIXED: If a user’s password has changed and the remember me option is enabled, SmarterMail now displays a message stating that the email address or password is incorrect.
  • FIXED: In cases where a dropdown menu hovers over buttons, the menu will now work as expected.
  • FIXED: Performing actions on selected rows on the Auto-complete settings page now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Sending messages in webmail via Internet Explorer now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Sorting by date on the all appointments view of a calendar now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: System administrators can now impersonate users and manage disabled domains.
  • FIXED: The birth date field in contacts now allows dates prior to 1980.
  • FIXED: The delete confirmation window now displays the correct number of messages selected for deletion from the spool.
  • FIXED: The foreground and background colors can now be changed multiple times when composing a message.
  • FIXED: The HK_FAKENAME check in the SpamAssassin Pattern Matching Engine now passes sub-domains as valid sending servers.
  • FIXED: To prevent file corruption, the SmarterMail service no longer starts if the systems locale changes since SmarterMail was first installed.
  • FIXED: Using the To address popup in webmail to select recipients when composing a message now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: When composing a new message in webmail using Internet Explorer 8, the To address field now receives the initial focus when the page is loaded.
  • FIXED: When dragging and dropping webmail messages in Firefox 4, the destination folder is now highlighted.
  • REMOVED: The New option has been removed from the context menu in the messages content pane.

This release addresses several security issues and, as a result, users are highly encouraged to install this update.

SmarterTools user who has an active SmarterMail Upgrade Protection can apply this update without any charges. If you are not running an expired SmarterMail Upgrade Protection, you may purchase the SmarterMail Upgrade Protection at 10% discount from our website.

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