SmarterMail v10.1 Release

SmarterTools announced minor release version of SmarterMail v10 on 02 August 2012 with some minor bug fixes. Upgrade to the latest version 10.1.4597 by reinstate your SmarterMail license by savings 10% discount. Contact us for a quote today.

  • ADDED: A per domain option for remote wipe that allows ActiveSync users to reset mobile devices back to factory settings in the event of a lost or stolen device, etc.
  • ADDED: Failed SMTP authentication attempts now display the attempted user name in the logs.
  • ADDED: Server admins can now set the server and port values returned by auto-discovery on the protocol settings page.
  • ADDED: The indexing logs are now searchable from the web interface.
  • ADDED: Updated auto discovery to work with most ActiveSync clients.
  • CHANGED: The font color of read messages in the webmail message list has been adjusted to create more contrast between read and unread messages.
  • CHANGED: The font size and type when viewing plain text only emails in the HTML view in webmail has been adjusted to match that of the plain text view.
  • CHANGED: Updated DMARC implementation to be checked upon receiving a message during an SMTP session allowing immediate return of error information for rejected messages.
  • FIXED: A JavaScript error that occurred when composing a new message in webmail using Internet Explorer 8.
  • FIXED: All email address fields in account settings are now validated.
  • FIXED: An issue with Exchange migration where some user accounts incorrectly failed the connection test which would prevent the account from being migrated.
  • FIXED: Fixed the size of the login panel in webmail when using the mobile version of Chrome.
  • FIXED: Impersonating a user that is not a domain admin now only shows the mailing lists the impersonated user moderates.
  • FIXED: Navigating webmail using Safari on an iPad no longer grays out the screen when clicking on a tree node, grid item or menu option.
  • FIXED: Printing email messages and calendars in webmail using Firefox now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: Re-sizing the browser window now functions as expected when the browsers font size is set to larger than the default.
  • FIXED: The availability popup window in calendar appointments now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: The controls when adding or editing a mailing list system message are now aligned correctly in the popup window.
  • FIXED: The first field in a pop up window is now automatically focused.
  • FIXED: The HTML editor control on the Message Footer page when logged in as the system admin is now sized correctly.
  • FIXED: The log in page in webmail no longer flashes a red message that says javascript is required when using some tablets including the iPad.
  • FIXED: The setting to enable DMARC now retains it’s value after a service restart.

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