SmarterMail v8 Beta Availability

SmarterTools announced the availability of SmarterMail v8 Beta on 03 Feb 2011. Some of the cool features on the upcoming v8 release includes:

Easily Send Contact Information

SmarterMail CSV Contact ExportNeed to send the email address or phone number of a friend or colleague in your SmarterMail address book? No problem. Now, users can download, save or send contacts in .CSV or vCard format.

Ban Weak Password

Set and enforce password rules to decrease the likelihood that the security of a user’s mailbox will be breached. Then use the new password compliance report to identify accounts that don’t meet the updated password requirements and send them a request to change their passwords.

Smartermail Message NotificationNew Message Notification

With new messages notifications, users receive a notification that they’ve received a new message no matter which section of the interface they are viewing. The notification fades into view from the lower left corner of the interface and displays for a few seconds before fading out of view. Users can click on the notification to open the message or view the message from their inbox.

Synchronization Center Translation

Because SmarterMail is used in more than 100 countries, SmarterTools continues to make every effort to display interface content in the user’s native language. The synchronization center now detects the browser language and automatically translates the sync info into that language, making it easier to provide info about available sync protocols to international users.

Improved Message FilterImproved Message Management

Can’t find that one pesky unread message? No problem. SmarterMail 8.x has built-in filters to help users view read messages, unread messages, replied to messages or forwarded messages with the click of the mouse. Plus, users can now forward multiple messages at once

Improved Performance and Administration

SmarterTools made numerous optimizations to SmarterMail 8.x that reduce disk I/O by an average of 25%, including better grid controls, improved charting and an update to the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework.

With better spool management, enhancements to IP binding settings, hard limit throttling and support for SPF RR lookups, mail server administration is easier and more convenient. Plus, system administrators have access to even more Web services.

Find Attachment EasilyFind Attachment Easily

Over time, it can be difficult to find a file that you received from a contact or sent in a message. Because all mailbox data is indexed, SmarterMail can easily provide users with a list of all attachments in a user’s mailbox. The new attachments view makes searching for a file hassle-free by displaying all incoming and outgoing messages with attachments in a single location.

Improved Synchronization

SmarterMail 8.x includes support for vCalendar 1.0, so users can download the latest version of the Funambol SyncML clients to sync their mailboxes with Outlook, Thunderbird and mobile devices.

Enhanced SignatureEnhanced Signature Options

Users with multiple signatures can now select the signature they want to use when composing a message, allowing them to customize their signature based on their relationship with the recipient. System administrators that want to enforce corporate governance across webmail and email clients can configure SMTP-level signatures and domain-wide footers with disclaimer text or any other information that’s needed.

Forgot your password?

Make it easy for users to regain access to their account when they forget their password with the new password retrieval option in SmarterMail. When enabled, users that can’t remember their password will receive an email to their backup email address with instructions on resetting their password—keeping system administrators free to manage other aspects of the mail server.

Details of the release notes can be found from SmarterMail v8 Beta page.

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