SmarterTrack 10.1.5308 Minor Patch Release

A minor release version of the Customer Service Support Helpdesk has been released by SmarterTools today. For user who hold an active upgrade protection for their SmarterTrack license, you can now download the latest release from SmarterTrack download server and apply the patch. If you are not on the latest edition and encountering any of the bugs below, upgrade or renew your upgrade protection with promotion discount with Tweakservers.

  • FIXED: Admins were unable to make agents inactive if they were the last active agent for live chat and had the warning notification enabled.
  • FIXED: Advanced search would not complete for installs that used the ‘Dropdown list with Textbox’ custom field.
  • FIXED: Communicator calls will now no longer record if disabled in Brand settings.
  • FIXED: Departments could show an error that prevented saving when the POP email address was blank.
  • FIXED: Emails in the Outgoing Spool that failed to send because of a failed connection to the SMTP server may now be resent at any time through the Management Interface.
  • FIXED: For installs using a single Brand, the ticket window would break when adding a ticket to an existing item.
  • FIXED: Forwarding a message would result in duplicating the message.
  • FIXED: In the event that a linked page is no longer available the user will be redirected to the homepage with an error message informing them that the page is no longer available.
  • FIXED: Removed the back button on the pre-chat page that would show when a department was automatically selected because it was the only one available.
  • FIXED: The #body# variable now works for Ticket Comment Added event types.
  • FIXED: The custom field ‘Dropdown with Textbox’ now follows required field rules for agents and customers.
  • FIXED: The custom field ‘Dropdown with Textbox’ now shows the dropdown portion for chats.
  • FIXED: The log files for SMTP now make a clearer association between the .eml file and the session ID.
  • FIXED: The notification for setting the last active agent in live chat to inactive has been made clearer for administrators performing the action.
  • FIXED: The role and user settings pages will no longer fail to load if the description field for a role is null.
  • FIXED: User Dashboard would report an agent as active in a chat group when the group’s department had chat disabled.

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