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First time getting on board with SmarterMail and SmarterTrack? Wondering how you would kick start from installation, setup, administration and management on SmarterMail Mail Server and SmarterTrack Helpdesksoftware? Now you could take this headache away as SmarterTools offers FREE weekly training for new and existing customers that covers tasks such as installing products, first-time set up of products, complete walkthroughs of the concepts and ideas behind how a product works and more.

SmarterMail Training

SmarterMail is one of the easiest mail servers on the market to install, manage and maintain. However, it can still be a daunting task to get any mail server successfully configured. This training will cover the basic installation and configuration of your new mail server and while it is designed to focus more on the SmarterMail product itself rather than the full installation process, basic installation topics are discussed. Items covered include:

  • General system requirements and installation
  • Initial set-up and configuration
  • Adding a domain, then users to that domain
  • Sending and receiving an email
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus options
  • General feature discussion
  • Overview of licensed add-ons
  • Q&A


10 July 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

18 July 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

24 July 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

1 Aug 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

7 Aug 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

15 Aug 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

21 Aug 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

29 Aug 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

SmarterTrack Training

It can be a bit overwhelming to install and configure a helpdesk, especially if users aren’t familiar with how helpdesks are normally set up. To complicate matters, the overall flow of communications through a helpdesk, from self-service resources all the way to phone calls, can be unclear at times. This training will help clear up any confusion with how SmarterTrack can be installed, configured and how communication flows through it. Items covered include:

  • General system requirements
  • Initial set-up and configuration
  • General helpdesk concepts
  • Setting up a Department, Group and Employee
  • Adding Employees to Groups
  • Following a Ticket through SmarterTrack
  • General feature discussion
  • Q&A


11 July 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

17 July 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

25 July 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

31 July 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

8 Aug 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

14 Aug 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

22 Aug 2012 – 3.00PM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

28 Aug 2012 – 7.00AM MST (GMT-7) Sign Up

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