SmarterTrack 8.x Beta Sneak Peak

SmarterTools announced the public beta release of SmarterTrack – bringing the customer service helpdesk which was released since the year 2004 to another level, let’s see what are something hot that’s available in the SmarterTrack v8.

Fully Integrated SoftPhone

SmarterTrack 8.x will have one of the most integrated SIP-compliant VoIP softphones of any helpdesk on the market and even includes multiple brand support. The softphone is configurable from within SmarterTrack, allowing all settings, profiles and agent information to be pushed to any desktop or laptop an agent logs into. This full-featured softphone includes the ability to transfer calls, automatically create call logs, displays incoming and outgoing communication history for a caller; can record incoming and outgoing calls; offers complete call analytics and allows businesses to keep all customer communications (tickets, live chats and call logs) in one location.

View Trends in the Trend Cloud

SmarterTrack Trend CloudEasily discover trends in a department’s tickets and live chats. Since SmarterTrack indexes everything, the trend cloud will automatically pull trending words or phrases and present them to agents. Agents can also exclude words so that only the most relevant topics are available and in front of them. For example, if a company has an issue with a particular product or server, that name will appear in the cloud automatically as tickets and chats come in. Plus, all the tickets and live chats that contain a specific word are available by simply clicking on the word in the cloud, so agents have instant access to all helpdesk communications on the selected topic.

More User Information

SmarterTrack 8.x continues to expand the amount of information about each customer by associating all communication within the helpdesk to a user’s email address and phone number. In addition, complete user statistics help you understand the frequency and method in which a customer communicates with your helpdesk. Finally, user comments have been added and can be displayed across tickets, live chats and call logs to help agents better assist customers.

Easy Access to Custom Fields

Custom FieldsCustom fields are an incredibly powerful part of SmarterTrack. Some companies set up their helpdesks to: require users to provide answers to questions prior to starting tickets and live chats and store that information in custom fields; integrate with their existing billing systems and provisioning systems which automatically populate custom fields; allow agents to set custom fields based on information in ticket, live chats and call logs. With SmarterTrack 8.x, custom fields can now be placed in the communication area of tickets, live chats and call logs allowing the most critical of custom fields to be easily viewable and accessible. And as always, all custom fields can be associated to the Event system and can be fully reported on.

Complete Revised Task System

We’ve dramatically enhanced the tasks system. Tasks can now be assigned statuses like approved, in progress, on hold or completed and you can use the task scheduler to automatically create recurring tasks. Plus, managers can easily view global tasks by status or agent to get a better idea of what’s being worked on and when.

Customize with CSS

Customize your help desk without making changes to configuration files or changing skins! SmarterTrack 8.x allows system administrators to override CSS styles and customize the portal or management interface any way they want. So go ahead, move modules, change fonts or add a splash of color. Heck, redesign the whole portal. With custom CSS, you have the power to make your own design.

Simplify Common Actions Into One Click With Manual Events

Built upon SmarterTrack’s extensive event system, events can now be defined as manual. This means that instead of the system automatically triggering an event, a manual event can be created with specific criteria and actions that can be executed by an agent on a ticket, live chat or call log. Manual events can significantly increase the productivity of agents by eliminating the need to perform common actions individually; instead, multiple actions are performed with a single click. Here’s an example of how you might use this feature: you may want to transfer a ticket to another department, send a canned reply to the customer, adjust the custom fields in preparation to track the ticket, and SMS the agent that will receive the transferred ticket. Instead of an agent having to perform all of these actions separately, manual events can make all this happen with just one click!

Feeding Frenz

Helpdesk RSS FeedsHave a few RSS feeds you’d like to get in front of your customers? Perhaps you have separate RSS feeds for your blog, company news and social media accounts and want to make them easily accessible from one place? With SmarterTrack 8.x, you can centralize all of your important information in one location. You can even include feeds of your favorite news or industry blogs, further turning your portal into a true communication hub for your end users.

Improved Helpdesk Security

In an effort to build upon the need to fully separate different brands and departments, as well as to assist with the overall security of your helpdesk, agents now only see and interact with only those items that are assigned to their specific departments. In addition, take the security of your help desk up a notch by enforcing minimum password requirements for employee logins and enabling a setting that protects your system from brute force attacks by temporarily locking a user account if there are too many failed login attempts.

Get Personal With Avatars

Live Chat AvatarNow you can add a personal touch to your tickets and live chats using agent avatars. Customers feel more at ease when they can see whom they’re dealing with. By using pictures of your agents, or even adding company or agent-specific avatars that are displayed during live chats and in tickets, you can help ensure your customers and end users stay in the right frame of mind throughout the entire support pipeline.

Improved Categorization and Organization

SmarterTrack 8.x introduces master categories. Configured by the system administrator, master categories are available on time logs and tasks to help managers see where an agent’s time is spent or to organize tasks related to a specific project.
Other Improvements including :
  • Ticket responses can now be saved as drafts, so agents can come back and work on them later.
  • System administrators can now exclude response times that elapsed outside of business hours to ensure more accurate reporting.
  • The last agent to sign out of live chats or go AFK can now receive a warning message to lower the odds that your helpdesk goes unmanned.
  • Brand management is much simpler, even for companies with only one brand!
  • We made many more changes to the interface to increase the speed and responsiveness on both desktops and mobile devices. We also made modifications to regain much needed real estate, which is especially noticeable on tablets (like the new iPad) and on Android devices.
Purchase any new SmarterTrack license or reinstate your upgrade protection right now with 10% discount and you will be able to upgrade to SmarterTrack v8 when it’s final released.
[tab: New License]

Select the edition you wish to purchase and complete the payment process. If you are making payment via PayPal, you will receive your SmarterTrack license key within 10 minutes through our automation process.

Paessler PRTGPaessler Retail PriceOur Price
PRTG 100 12 Months Maintenance$110.00$104.50
PRTG 100 24 Months Maintenance$209.00$198.50
PRTG 100 36 Months Maintenance$297.00$282.10
PRTG 500 12 Months Maintenance$400.00$380.00
PRTG 500 24 Months Maintenance$760.00$722.00
PRTG 500 36 Months Maintenance$1,080.00$1,026.00
PRTG 1000 12 Months Maintenance$675.00$641.20
PRTG 1000 24 Months Maintenance$1,282.50$1,218.30
PRTG 1000 36 Months Maintenance$1,822.50$1,731.30
PRTG 2500 12 Months Maintenance$1,400.00$1,330.00
PRTG 2500 24 Months Maintenance$2,660.00$2,527.00
PRTG 2500 36 Months Maintenance$3,780.00$3,591.00
PRTG 5000 12 Months Maintenance$2,375.00$2,256.20
PRTG 5000 24 Months Maintenance$4,512.50$4,286.80
PRTG 5000 36 Months Maintenance$6,412.50$6,091.80
PRTG Unlimited 12 Months Maintenance$3,375.00$3,206.20
PRTG Unlimited 24 Months Maintenance$6,412.50$6,091.80
PRTG Unlimited 36 Months Maintenance$9,112.50$8,656.80
PRTG Corporate Country 12 Months Maintenance$10,125.00$9,618.70
PRTG Corporate Country 24 Months Maintenance$19,237.50$18,275.60
PRTG Corporate Country 36 Months Maintenance$27,337.50$25,970.60
PRTG Corporate 5 Core Global 12 Months Maintenance$11,812.50$11,221.80
PRTG Corporate 5 Core Global 24 Months Maintenance$22,443.76$21,321.50
PRTG Corporate 5 Core Global 36 Months Maintenance$31,893.75$30,299.00
[tab: Upgrade]

Upgrading your SmarterTrack will not extend the coverage of Upgrade Protection or reinstate any expired Upgrade Protection.

All upgrades will be processed manually and your license key will be upgraded within 1 business day.

Paessler PRTGPaessler Retail PriceOur Price
Upgrade from 100 to 500 with 12 Months Maintenance$400.00$380.00
Upgrade from 100 to 500 with 24 Months Maintenance$760.00$722.00
Upgrade from 100 to 500 with 36 Months Maintenance$1,080.00$1,026.00
Upgrade from 100 to 1000 with 12 Months Maintenance$1,500.00$1,425.00
Upgrade from 100 to 1000 with 24 Months Maintenance$2,107.50$2,002.10
Upgrade from 100 to 1000 with 36 Months Maintenance$2,647.50$2,515.10
Upgrade from 100 to 2500 with 12 Months Maintenance$4,400.00$4,180.00
Upgrade from 100 to 2500 with 24 Months Maintenance$5,660.00$5,377.00
Upgrade from 100 to 2500 with 36 Months Maintenance$6,780.00$6,441.00
Upgrade from 500 to 1000 with 12 Months Maintenance$1,100.00$1,045.00
Upgrade from 500 to 1000 with 24 Months Maintenance$1,707.50$1,622.10
Upgrade from 500 to 1000 with 36 Months Maintenance$2,247.50$2,135.10
Upgrade from 500 to 2500 with 12 Months Maintenance$4,000.00$3,800.00
Upgrade from 500 to 2500 with 24 Months Maintenance$5,260.00$4,997.00
Upgrade from 500 to 2500 with 36 Months Maintenance$6,380.00$6,061.00
Upgrade from 1000 to 2500 with 12 Months Maintenance$2,900.00$2,755.00
Upgrade from 1000 to 2500 with 24 Months Maintenance$4,160.00$3,952.00
Upgrade from 1000 to 2500 with 36 Months Maintenance$5,280.00$5,016.00
Upgrade from 1000 to 5000 with 12 Months Maintenance$6,800.00$6,460.00
Upgrade from 1000 to 5000 with 24 Months Maintenance$8,937.50$8,490.60
Upgrade from 1000 to 5000 with 36 Months Maintenance$10,837.50$10,295.60
Upgrade from 2500 to 5000 with 12 Months Maintenance$3,900.00$3,705.00
Upgrade from 2500 to 5000 with 24 Months Maintenance$6,037.50$5,735.60
Upgrade from 2500 to 5000 with 36 Months Maintenance$7,937.507,540.60
Upgrade from 5000 to Unlimited with 12 Months Maintenance$4,000.00$3,800.00
Upgrade from 5000 to Unlimited with 24 Months Maintenance$7,037.50$6,685.60
Upgrade from 5000 to Unlimited with 36 Months Maintenance$9,737.50$9,250.60
Upgrade from Unlimited to Corporate Country with 12 Months Maintenance$35,800.00$34,010.00
Upgrade from Unlimited to Corporate Country with 24 Months Maintenance$44,912.50$42,666.80
Upgrade from Unlimited to Corporate Country with 36 Months Maintenance$53,012.50$50,361.80
Upgrade from Corporate Country to Corporate 5 Core Global with 12 Months Maintenance$6,750.00$6,412.50
Upgrade from Corporate Country to Corporate 5 Core Global with 24 Months Maintenance$17,381.26$16,512.10
Upgrade from Corporate Country to Corporate 5 Core Global with 36 Months Maintenance$26,831.25$25,489.60
[tab: Renewal Protection]

Upgrade Protection Renewal

You can renew your SmarterTrack upgrade protection up to 60 days before the expiry date based on the “Renew” price listed below. If you do not have an existing upgrade protection, you are not qualify for the discount provided.

Reinstate Expired Upgrade Protection

If your upgrade protection has expired, you will need to reinstate the upgrade protection by purchasing the “Renew EXPIRED” price listed below.

All upgrades will be processed manually and your license key will be upgraded within 1 business day.

Support PackagesSmarterTools List PriceOur 10% Discount PriceSpecial 40% Discount Price
Silver Support (10 Emails)$249.00$224.10$134.40
Gold Support (10 Emails or Phone Support)$449.00$404.10$242.40
Platinum Support (Gold + 2 Emergency 24x7 Ticket)$749.00$674.10$404.40

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