SmarterTrack 7.4.4338 Release

SmarterTools announced the public stable minor release SmarterTrack 7.4.4338 which is available as a FREE minor version upgrade for all existing customer with active upgrade protection. You may reinstate or renew SmarterTrack Upgrade Protection with 10% discount from Tweakservers.

Although this is considered a minor version upgrade, it includes a critical change that will affect the functionality of your help desk, as outlined below:

  • In response to Google’s announcement that its translation API will be a paid service as of December 1, SmarterTools have changed how SmarterTrack auto-translates live chats and knowledge base articles. You will now have the option to choose the translation service that best fits your needs: Google Translate or Microsoft Translator.
  • Due to these changes, auto-translations will be disabled after the upgrade until you reconfigure your translation settings. For assistance setting up the translation service with SmarterTrack, please refer to the KB articles How To — Automatically Translate Live Chats and How To — Create Knowledge Base Articles in Multiple Languages.
  • In addition, to help you manage the changes that Google is making by charging for their translations services as well as help you manage Microsoft Translator’s billing, SmarterTrack will now track how many characters and requests your server has attempted to translate. This information will display on the relevant settings page within SmarterTrack so that you are aware of any translation subscription costs you may incur.
A complete release notes as below :
  • CRITICAL: Due to Google’s announcement that its translation API will be a paid service as of December 1, auto-translation of knowledge base articles and live chats is now disabled by default. If upgrading from a previous version of SmarterTrack, the system administrator will need to reconfigure translation settings.
  • ADDED: An insert button to the canned reply popup when composing a ticket message.
  • ADDED: Incoming and outgoing live chat messages can now trigger events based on the content of a sent message.
  • ADDED: Support for Microsoft Translator when auto-translating live chats and knowledgebase articles.
  • ADDED: The option to prevent incoming chats from being assigned to a specific agent if the agent is editing or creating a call log.
  • ADDED: The priority and status now displays in the ticket or live chat header.
  • ADDED: To help system administrators manage translation service subscription costs, SmarterTrack now tracks how many characters and requests your server has attempted to translate.
  • CHANGED: Advanced searches now query for items from January 1, 2000 by default.
  • CHANGED: Composing a ticket message on a Google Android device now uses the plain text editor.
  • CHANGED: SmarterTrack now sends locked out users instructions on how to reset their password when they click the Forgot Password link in the portal.
  • EFFICIENCY: Active live chats now interact with the database more efficiently.
  • EFFICIENCY: Reduced the amount of memory SmarterTrack requires to perform search indexing.
  • EFFICIENCY: Reduced the amount of time required to start SmarterTrack.
  • FIXED: Adding a comment to a ticket no longer causes the ticket reply window to crash in Internet Explorer 7 and 8.
  • FIXED: Custom roles can now be assigned to users on a hosted site.
  • FIXED: Expanded the query for quick searches performed in the tickets, live chats, tasks or call logs sections of the interface.
  • FIXED: Favorite reports can now be deleted as expected.
  • FIXED: Knowledge base articles can now be edited from the portal when you are logged into the portal but not the management interface.
  • FIXED: Links displayed on the Resources tab of tickets and live chats now navigate to the correct brand.
  • FIXED: Live chat events now work correctly for sending and receiving messages.
  • FIXED: Live chat messages are no longer duplicated when the server slows down.
  • FIXED: News items can now be deleted from the portal as expected.
  • FIXED: Scheduled email report options are now only available to users of SmarterTrack Enterprise as expected.
  • FIXED: Sscheduled email reports can now be deleted as expected.
  • FIXED: The end user settings page now displays more than 75 users at a time.
  • FIXED: The folder list will now always populate correctly when adding or editing a canned reply.
  • FIXED: Ticket, live chat and call log numbers are now unique if two load balanced servers create a ticket within the same millisecond.
  • FIXED: Tickets can no longer bypass the queue if they were created at the same time tickets are automatically assigned.

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