SmarterMail v8 Stable Release

SmarterMail v8 stable version is finally here with some new features added! Some of the major features introduced in the latest v8 release:

New Message Notifications
With new messages notifications, users receive a notification that they’ve received a new message no matter which section of the interface they are viewing. Users can click on the notification to open the message or view the message from their inbox.
Touch-and-go Functionality
Emailing a contact, mapping an address or adding an email address to your contacts list has never been easier. SmarterMail 8.x introduces clickable addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality in messages, contact details, calendar items, tasks and notes.
Attachments View
The new attachments view makes searching for a file hassle-free by displaying all incoming and outgoing messages with attachments in a single location.
Password Compliance
SmarterMail 8.x helps system administrators enforce password rules and increase the security of a user’s mailbox. Use the new password compliance report to identify accounts that don’t meet the specified password requirements and send them a request to change their passwords.
Improved performance
Numerous optimizations to SmarterMail 8.x reduce disk I/O by an average of 25%. This includes better grid controls, improved charting and an update to the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework.
A more details of the new features can be found on the SmarterMail New Features Release Note.


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