SmarterTrack 7.2.4259 Release

SmarterTools announced the public stable minor release SmarterTrack 7.2.4259 which is available as a FREE minor version upgrade for all existing customer with active upgrade protection.

Full change log of SmarterTrack 7.2.4259 :

  • ADDED: A close button to the top of the Show HTML window for tickets.
  • ADDED: Ticket event actions can now include a link to view the ticket in the WAP interface.
  • CHANGED: The department selection screen no longer displays in the portal if only one department is set up to receive tickets.
  • CHANGED: When exporting report data as a .CSV file, the time data is now reflected in minutes.
  • FIXED: Clicking the AFK link in the management interface now also updates the live chat counters in the navigation pane.
  • FIXED: Clicking the Generate button in the reports section of the management interface no longer causes an error in Internet Explorer 6 and 7.
  • FIXED: Custom field requirements are now checked when an agent deletes a ticket.
  • FIXED: Custom field requirements are now checked when an agent marks a ticket as spam.
  • FIXED: Custom role permissions pertaining to knowledge base access are now enforced in both the portal and the management interface.
  • FIXED: Date selector fields in the management interface are now validated for proper date ranges.
  • FIXED: Default sort options are now applied to items in the content pane as expected.
  • FIXED: Duplicate entries are no longer displayed on the End Users settings page
  • FIXED: If the instant messaging feature is disabled, the option to get assistance on tickets and live chats will no longer be available.
  • FIXED: Live chat sounds now function correctly in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.
  • FIXED: Microsoft Virtual Earth now functions as expected for the Who’s On density mapping.
  • FIXED: Random cache-related errors no longer occur in high-volume deployments.
  • FIXED: Searches can now be performed on root-level knowledge base folders that do not have subfolders.
  • FIXED: Sending an attachment during a live chat session now functions as expected in Internet Explorer 6 and 7.
  • FIXED: Spell check now functions as expected in live chats.
  • FIXED: The hyperlink custom field no longer requires the user to enter ‘http://’ before the web address in order for the link to be valid.
  • FIXED: The register user with verified email role is now applied properly to a user that clicks the link in their verification email.

SmarterTrack 7.x mark a major move by SmarterTools with the introduce of a complete portal interface redesign, improve the user friendly of support for mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone and knowledge base commenting system.

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